Too Many Reapers In Mass Effect 3? New Mod Wipes Them All Out

Many players are making their way through Mass Effect Legendary Edition by playing all three games back-to-back. While this is a great way to immerse yourself in some of the most iconic RPGs out there, it means that you’re probably sick to death of the Reapers by the third game.

Unfortunately for those of you feeling this burnout, this is obviously the game featuring them the most. And not just in a narrative sense, as one change that came with this sequel was having Reapers actually pose a threat to you on the galaxy map. It makes sense, this apocalyptic threat is firmly out of slumber, and has already started its assault on numerous planets.

For the Normandy, this means being a lot more careful when you’re travelling between planets, or looking for resources. If you enter a system with Reaper activity, scanning will draw their attention. If they capture you the ship doesn’t stand a chance, and you’re taken back to a previous save.

As you can imagine, this can get rather irritating while you’re preparing the galaxy for a final showdown. Thankfully, this new mod from Nexus user, Tristan, erases them completely – making them as invincible as the council thinks they are for most of the trilogy.

The mod, “No Reapers and Unlimited Scan range on Galaxy Map”, is exactly what the name suggests. You can roam the galaxy (almost) without a care in the world, while also ensuring the can scan an entire system at once, rather than wasting time slowly flying around it.

Players looking to mix up their Mass Effect playthrough with mods are in for a treat across the board. Thanks to Legendary Edition being easier to mod, a team is currently at work restoring lost queer content. Same-sex romances for Ashley, Kaidan, Jack, Tali, Miranda, Thane, Garrus and Jacob are all on the cards, as the remastered trilogy actually contains same-sex romance dialogue for the characters. As previous reports suggest, Jack and Jacob were actually intended to be available as same-sex romances, but this was cut due to fears the series would end up on Fox News again.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released May 14, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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