Total War: Three Kingdoms Is Getting Review Bombed After Developer Halts Updates

Total War: Three Kingdoms has flipped from sporting mostly positive reviews on Steam to a soured mostly negative with 3,845 recent submissions turning the tide. This is because updates are halting.

Creative Assembly, the developer, has announced that it is done with the game following the 1.7.1 patch and that no more DLC or updates will be released. Seven expansions have been launched thus far, and more were promised such as one for the north part of the map, but this will no longer come to fruition. Those who were excited have voiced their upset at this revelation.

Forums are being bombarded, the subreddit has seen an influx of negativity, the YouTube video has been disliked to kingdom come, and the Steam page is, as mentioned, flooded with negative reviews. The YouTube video, for context, was an announcement that the development team was transitioning to another game based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.

One review from a player with over 740 hours said, “Way to stop producing content for a game called Total War: Three Kingdoms without actually getting to the Three Kingdoms part. Guess the northern expansion is down the toilet, too.”

The review bombing started May 27 with 294 being added, but it saw a huge spike only the next day with 1,608. It subsided but was still significantly larger than that first day on May 29 with 750 negative reviews added and counting.

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