Trevenant Is Coming To Pokemon Unite

Trevenant is, somehow, the latest Pokemon confirmed to be added to Pokemon Unite. The reveal was made just now on the official Twitter, alongside a short clip of the ghost and grass type in action.

Trevenant will be part of the defender class, joining the likes of Greedent, Snorlax and Blastoise.

We don't know when Trevenant will be added just yet, but if past reveals are anything to go by, the gap between the trailer and the update shouldn't be too long. Especially as developer Timi has been adding to the roster at a pretty steady rate in recent months.

Most Pokemon fans wouldn't have been expecting Trevenant to be the latest 'mon to join the Unite roster. While not necessarily unpopular in the community, the gen 6 addition isn't particularly noteworthy. In fact, you rarely see anyone have any strong opinions on it. Surprisingly, however, this is going down well with fans because of how unexpected it is, as they're pleased to see 'mons that aren't on anyone's top 10 lists get a chance in the spotlight.

This is a developing story.

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