Trombone Champ Now Includes One Of Guitar Hero’s Most Infamous Songs

If you're a fan of rhythm games then it's incredibly likely that you'll have tried Guitar Hero at some point, whether that be in your own time, at an arcade, or during a house party. This also means that you've likely tried (and failed) to beat Through The Fire And Flames, a song made infamous by its ludicrously high difficulty in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. Ever since, it's been included in loads of rhythm game including Beat Saber, Taiko No Tatsujin, Rocksmith, and countless others.

Well, we can add yet another game to that list as Through The Fire And Flames is now playable in viral indie title Trombone Champ, showcased by the song's creator on their YouTube channel. In the video, the little trombone player is given a flaming background to match the intensity of the song they're about to play, although the same can't really be said about the bright pink trombone they're using.

If you're going into the video expected an absolutely flawless rendition of Through The Fire And Flames on trombone, then you're going to be disappointed. Instead, what we get is the creator desperately struggling to keep up with each note, just like I'm sure plenty of us were doing with the song on Guitar Hero if we actually managed to get past the first few seconds. If anything, the out of tune playing is a lot more entertaining and fits Trombone Champ's vibe a more than if it was a masterful rendition.

If you missed the viral sensation and you're sat there wondering what the heck Trombone Champ actually is, the game is a trombone rhythm game that exploded on social media when it was first revealed. The game typically has you play pieces of classical music (most of the time very poorly), but the game's community has added everything from the Pokemon theme tune to the aforementioned Through The Fire And Flames. If you want to play, you can actually check it out on Steam. Happy tooting!

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