Trombone Champ Players Are Modding In Everything From Linkin Park To Final Fantasy

Trombone Champ has taken the internet by storm, and rightly so. As well as the weird and wonderful trap remixes of classical songs, you can import your own custom songs to the game. Someone's already turned the UK's former Prime Minister Lizz Truss' resignation speech into a track. From Linkin Park's In The End to Sephiroth's One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy, you've been putting all sorts of songs into the game.

If you're not sure what Trombone Champ is, it's basically Guitar Hero but with a trombone and no peripherals, just a mouse and keyboard, although people have played it using real trombones. It's wild, and you should play it immediately.

What makes the custom songs so amazing is that Trombone Champ uses the same hilarious scales for them all. Even when you play perfectly, things sound a little bit off. In The End actually doesn't seem too hard to play, with the trombone melody mostly keeping in time with the lyrics – which are written at the bottom of the track in case you want to sing along.

It seems you can add to the backgrounds of the tracks too, as show above. The One Winged Angel song features Sepiroth holding an outrageously long trombone as he plays across a chasm.

And if you think that's it, you're wrong. Bet you didn't know how much you needed a trombone cover of OutKast's Hey Ya, did you? Thought not. Here it is.

Just search Trombone Champ on Twitter and you'll be able to waste a solid hour watching and listening to all the hilarious covers out there.

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