Twitch Streamer F1NN5TER Banned For Adjusting Bra, Despite Being A Man

Twitch partner F1NN5TER, first name Jude, has been banned for "prolonged touching of female presenting breasts", despite being a cisgender man. For those of you who don't know him – pretend all you want, we know you've seen his TikToks – he's a male streamer who started to wear feminine clothes and makeup as part of his "Girl Month" campaign. Girl Month has currently been running for over two years.

His Twitch account was suddenly banned on February 7, and he revealed the reason why on Twitter. "While fixing my bra, this was seen as 'prolonged touching of female presenting breasts'", he wrote. "There’s 2 rulesets and Twitch don’t warn if they see you as female presenting. As a man, touching your chest can now be bannable depending on how feminine Twitch sees you :)".

This ban is concerning as it effectively means Twitch gets to decide a streamer's gender for them. It also begs the question of whether or not Twitch would consider it okay for a woman dressed in a masculine way to touch their breasts for a long period of time on stream. This reading and enforcement of the rules could also affect trans men negatively. Considering the rules are already gendered and disproportionately affect women, it's unlikely they'd allow it, creating an unfair imbalance for women and feminine people.

F1NN5TER has gained a lot of popularity in recent months thanks to clips of him on TikTok. He goes all-out when dressed as a girl. He's grown his hair long and wears the longest falsies he can find because he loves how dramatic they are. He also rocks the typical e-girl look and prefers thigh-high socks to fishnets as there's more you can add to them, like bows.

While some view F1NN5TER as someone just having fun with their gender expression, others believe he's fetishising trans people due to profiting off of the femboy aesthetic.

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