Two Point Hospital: How To Acquire More Kudosh

Kudosh is a form of currency in Two Point Hospital, a game on Xbox Game Pass, and it’s used to unlock new items that can be placed in your hospital. These can serve simply a decorative purpose, or they can do things like speed up training or raise a room’s attractiveness.

There are several ways in which you can earn this currency, and you should be aware of them so you can farm it from the start. Kudosh can be earned infinitely, but the first step in Two Point Hospital is to learn how to acquire some in the first place.

Complete Career Goals

The Career Goals can be viewed on your map, and are by far the easiest way to farm Kudosh. These are continuous goals that focus on the basic aspects of the game and can be completed by simply going for the objectives at each hospital.

A few of the areas that the Career Goals include are as follows:

  • Curing Patients
  • Promoting Staff
  • Training Staff
  • Earning Income
  • Collecting Kudosh
  • Water Plants
  • Acquiring Stars
  • Repairing Machines
  • Restocking Vending Machines
  • Capturing Ghosts
  • Launching Marketing Campaigns
  • Completing Research Projects

Perform Research

One of the repeatable research options allows you to earn some Kudosh, but it is probably not something you will go for until later on in the game. It will only allow you to collect 20 Kudosh at a time, and it takes 1,000 Research Points and $1,000 in order to earn it, although some mods can help this process remain continuous.

At the beginning of the game, you are not only trying to research rooms and upgrades, but you also don’t have extra items unlocked that will allow you to perform research more quickly. Once you are able to afford an entire team of researchers and have upgraded this room to perform more efficiently, then you might want to focus on this method of generating Kudosh.

Level Up Your Hospital

The Hospital Level is based on the number of rooms and staff you have at a certain location, including those rooms you should build first. When you raise this it will not only attract more patients and better job applicants, but it will also generate Kudosh.

Each time you level up your hospital you will earn a little bit more, and the max level for each hospital is 30. This means there is plenty of room to grow and generate Kudosh as you create the ultimate healthcare facility.

Gain Star Ratings

Each hospital has the possibility of earning up to three gold stars, which are indicative of its rating. Each time you gain another star, your hospital also earns a bit of Kudosh, even in the DLCs.

The payouts are the same for each star rating and each hospital, and the Kudosh rewards are as follows:

  • One Star: K100
  • Two Stars: K150
  • Three Stars: K200

Complete Staff Challenges

The staff will throw a number of challenges your way and they are a quick and easy way to earn ten Kudosh. They are often relatively simple, but you should wait to take them on until you are sure that your hospital will pass the test.

A few of the staff challenges you might be asked to complete include:

  • Go 90 Days Without a Death
  • Earn X Amount Of Money
  • Train Staff
  • Upgrade The Prestige Level Of The Staff Room

Impress Your VIP Guests

VIP guests will often request to come and visit your hospital, and in return for a good impression, some of them will give you either ten or 20 Kudosh, in addition to some other rewards. You can identify who they are by the red and blue flashing light or crown in a blue circle above their heads.

Once they arrive there is not much you can do except make sure the janitors have done their jobs and staff are in their places, but beforehand you can do things like level-up rooms with decorations, train your staff, and upgrade machines.

You do want to make sure that they don’t give you a bad review as this can result in the taking away of Reputation Points, which will hurt your hospital.

Earn Awards At The Award Ceremony

The Hospital Awards Ceremony happens at the end of each year and each hospital has its own selection of eight awards.

The possible awards that could be handed out include:

  • Best Research Hospital
  • Most Prestigious Hospital
  • No Deaths
  • Rising Star
  • Patients’ Choice Award
  • Assistant Of The Year
  • Doctor Of The Year
  • Hospital Of The Year
  • Employer Of The Year
  • Nurse Of The Year
  • Janitor Of The Year
  • Best Teaching Hospital

It will award your hospital both $5,000 and 5 Kudosh, which isn’t much but any amount will help you work toward your goal of unlocking every item.

Perform Well During Emergencies And Epidemics

Emergencies and Epidemics will come up at every hospital where an outbreak of an illness has occurred and it is up to you to help out the community by treating it. When you are successful at treating a large number of the patients who come in then you will receive between ten to 15 Kudosh, as well as a bit of cash and a Reputation boost.

However, one tip for beginners is that if you perform poorly it will ding your Reputation, so make sure you are prepared to handle it before accepting the challenge.

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