Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ Reveal Leaked, Closed Beta Begins Today

Ahead of Ubisoft’s conference this morning, an email leak reveals that Ubisoft will return with its Rocksmith franchise in the form of Rocksmith+. Sign ups for the closed beta subscription service will begin today.

As highlighted by The Riff Repeater, it looks like someone has mistakenly left email copy up revealing the new service. Sign-ups for its PC closed beta will begin today, so you can try out the service for free if selected. The link in the email doesn’t work just yet, but you can try it here, presumably later on after it airs during the conference.

The full leaked email reads as:

“Join the Rocksmith+ PC Closed Beta Today

Try Out the Method That’s Helped Millions of People Learn to Play. Fast.Over the past 10 years, nearly 5 million people have learned how to play guitar and bass using the award-winning Rocksmith Method. Now they’re making it even easier with Rocksmith+, an interactive music learning subscription service that takes the guesswork out of music mastery. This new version also lets you rock out with your favorite Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer models.

Even the world’s premier music learning software needs fine-tuning. So they’re inviting you to test it out free and make Rocksmith+ even better. Pick up your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, and register for the Rocksmith+ PC closed beta today, where you’ll get early access to exclusive features like:

  • Realtime Feedback – Connect your instrument for accurate note detection
  • Riff Repeater – Control song speeds so you can practice at your own pace
  • An Expansive Library – Choose from a vast and ever-growing library of songs”

Ubisoft’s E3 showcase is planned for today, and we’ve got a handy guide on when and where you can watch it. So far, this continues a trend of leaks we’ve seen ahead of the show, including one for Ubisoft with the return of Mario + Rabbids. 

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