Untold Is A New Text-Based Mobile Game, Inspired By Tabletop RPGs

Dungeons & Dragons is the root of all role playing, and thanks in part to a boom of D&D podcasts, this very ur-RPG has recently made a comeback. There’s maybe no greater time, then, for a game like Untold, a mobile RPG inspired directly by the source of all RPGs.

Untold is, of course, far from the first RPG to claim lineage in Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. Disco Elysium, to give one recent example, uses dice rolls to determine key plot moments, just as pen and paper players would do. Untold stands out due to a purely text-based interface that is nonetheless functions like a video game.

The story of Untold begins as the player character wakes up on a beach with no memory of their past – a plot setup similar to many of its contemporaries. Its protagonist, however, meets a compatriot on that very same beach, and the two vow to work toward enacting revenge on whoever is responsible for their affliction.

Players will then traverse a world named Tem Khiris, full of familiar fantasy tropes, like swordsmen and druids. Progress is contingent both on clever decision-making and combat. Where Untold most closely resembles D&D is in its moment-to-moment action, which function similarly to early text-based adventure games. Presented with a oftentimes perilous scenario, players will have to choose from one of a possible actions in response, like “fight” or “escape.” Combat is reliant on stats and equipped items, to be used in a real-time combat system that was player-tested during a beta release period.

In total, a full playthrough is expected to last somewhere in the ballpark of eight hours. Untold is available now for both iOS and Android devices.

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