Upcoming Adventure Game Scars Above Is “Alice In Wonderland Meets Alien”

Scars Above plonks you in the shoes of some interplanetary explorer who’s tasked with researching aliens on a hostile planet. Publisher Prime Matter describes it as “Alice in Wonderland meets Alien.”

Of course, this is a video game so you’re going to want to shoot those aliens first. No point in researching a living alien, don’t be stupid. No, you’re gonna shoot the crap out of them with a +1 rifle you just found in a box first. It’s a third-person action game about rolling and shooting first and foremost.

Once they’re dead, you look at their organs, poking around in the brain and digestive systems like a serial killer.

The demo opens with our hero walking around a ship overlooking some vast alien artifact, then time skips forward and we’re slashing at alien webbing with an energy sword and shooting chitinous beasts.

While the gameplay looks like stuff we’ve seen before, the setting is super intriguing and the main character seems interesting. You’ll be able to find out if that’s enough to carry it when Scars Above releases for PC and consoles in 2022.

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