US College Student Causes Security Scare For "Vague Threat" Over Nintendo Direct

California State University will be on high alert today because a student issued a "vague threat" asking to cancel classes today in order for them to watch today's Nintendo Direct.

Last night, an unnamed student emailed a professor asking to cancel class due to "a once-in-a-lifetime" that would take place on February 8, saying it would be "for the good of humanity." Apparently, the professor perceived this email as a "vague threat" and forwarded it to California State University Police.

"After hours of investigation by our detectives, we learned of a Nintendo Direct event that would occur at the exact date and time the individual suggested the class be canceled," the campus police wrote in a statement. "The individual, believed to be a CSUF student, then reached back out to the professor via email admitting it was a bad joke regarding the Nintendo Direct event."

Where perhaps most colleges would stand down red alert after getting the full details, the CSUF Police Department instead went into overdrive, confirming that it would have additional officers on campus and K9 teams patrolling "out of an abundance of caution."

The campus police department added, "We understand that a threat of any kind, real or not, causes many to fear for their safety. Please know we will do all we can do ensure the safety of our campus community."

It's possible that the CSUF Police Department isn't quite sure what a Nintendo Direct entails and thinks that news released during the presentation might cause students to riot. As excited as we all would be for Metroid Prime 4 to get a release date, that's not likely to happen. Or this could just be a reflection of rightfully nervous policymakers in an era where school shootings are a weekly occurrence in the US. Either way, stay safe during today's Direct, which will begin at 2 PM PT (3 PM ET)

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