Valheim Arrives On PC Game Pass September 29

Valheim is coming to Game Pass. We already knew that from Summer Game Fest where Microsoft confirmed its partnership with Iron Gate Studios to bring Valheim to both Game Pass and Xbox, but now thanks to last night’s ID@Xbox Fall Showcase, we finally have a date. Valheim arrives on Game Pass on September 29.

As for the Xbox version, that’s not coming until 2023, but when it arrives it’ll have full crossplay between the two platforms. That update actually just hit the public test server for Valheim last night after having been promised soon after the Xbox partnership announcement. The Xbox port is being handled by a separate team to not delay the long-awaited Mistlands update.

Speaking of Mistlands, we recently got another preview showcasing the coming expansion’s new dungeon. It looks deep and dark and scary, and it will offer a new Core called the Black Core. It’ll also have a new boss and characters will be able to further customize their Vikings with new hairstyles or a cloak made out of feathers.

No word yet on when Valheim will either get the Mistlands update or its 1.0 release. The Viking-themed survival crafting game has been in early access since its explosive Steam release back in February of 2021. Judging by the discussion in last night’s stream, it sounds like players can expect Valheim to remain in early access for the foreseeable future.

Last night's stream also included quite a few other indie titles that'll either be coming to Xbox or Game Pass very soon. First there was Cities Skylines' Plazas & Prominades expansion, which is actually available now, as well as more gameplay for the asymmetric ghost-hunting game, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. Gritty Metroidvania title Moonscars also got more gameplay ahead of its September 27 release date, and Metal: Hellsinger screamed its way onto Xbox and Game Pass today. You'll even be able to mod your own tunes into the game's rhythm-based mechanics real soon.

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