Valheim: Complete Guide To Magic And Eitr

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There are different combat methods that you can adopt in Valheim. This ranges from using your first to crafting a powerful bow. Whatever your choice, this will become the primary way to defend yourself. While playing, you will eventually come across Eitr, which is essentially magic.

If you are looking to control your Eitr and become a powerful mage, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to go over everything there is to know about Eitr, including how to unlock and replenish it, as well as Eitr-powered weapons. First, let's look at how to unlock Eitr.

Unlocking Eitr

Overall, unlocking Eitr is pretty simple. All you need to do is eat food that contains Eitr. This can be done by cooking a dish, as well as just eating a Magecap mushroom.

A Magecap will give you 25 Eitr.

These are forgeable items that can be found within the Mistlands. Once you eat a Magecap mushroom, you will be able to Eitr; the amount that you currently have will be marked with a purple bar.

Eitr Levels

Eitr works just like health and stamina bonuses. For example, when you eat cooked boar meat, you will gain a health bonus that will eventually go away over time.

This applies to Eitr as well. Rather than having a base of Eitr that can be buffed, you start with none. So, upon eating a Magecap, you will have 25 Eitr. After 900 seconds (15 minutes), the effects of the mushroom will fade, and you will be back to no Eitr.

Eitr-Replenishing Food

There are more foods you can eat to increase Eitr in addition to the Magecap mushroom. Below, you can check out the foods to eat. For an in-depth look at cooking in Valheim, be sure to check out this guide.



Eitr Generated

Where To Make

Seeker Aspic

  • 2x Seeker Meat
  • 2x Magecap
  • 2x Royal Jelly


Cauldron (Level 5)

Stuffed Mushroom

  • 3x Magecap
  • 1x Blood Clot
  • 2x Turnip


  • You will first need to make the uncooked version of this at the Cauldron (level 5) with the materials listed.
  • Once the uncooked version is made, you can cook it in the stone oven to get Stuffed Mushrooms.

Yggdrasil Porridge

  • 4x Sap
  • 3x Barley
  • 2x Royal Jelly


Cauldron (Level 5)

Minor Eitr Mead

In addition to Eitr food, you can also craft and drink a Minor Eitr Mead; this will grant 125 either over time. To make Minor Eitr Mead, you will first need the mead base, which requires the following materials.

  • 10x Honey
  • 5x Sap
  • 2x Jotun Puffs
  • 5x Magecap

Once the mead base has been made in a Cauldron, you can place it in a Fermenter to make the mead.

Eitr-Regenerating Armor

To speed up your Eitr regeneration, you can craft Eitr-weave armor. These armor options are listed below, along with how to make them.

Armor Piece


Eitr Regeneration

Eitr-weave Hood

  • 16x Linen Thread
  • 15x Refined Eitr
  • 2x Iron

20% increased regeneration

Eitr-weave Trousers

  • 20x Linen Thread
  • 20x Refined Eitr
  • 10x Scale Hide

40% increased regeneration

Eitr-weave Robe

  • 20x Linen Thread
  • 20x Refined Eitr
  • 10x Feathers
  • 5x Scale Hide

40% increased regeneration

These can all be crafted at the Galdr table after it's been upgraded once (to level two).

These pieces are part of a set along with the Feather Cape. When all four pieces are equipped, you will have the following buffs.

  • 100 percent Eitr Regeneration Increase
  • Resistant vs. Frost
  • Feather Falling

The Feather Cape can be made with the materials below.

  • 10x Feather
  • 5x Scale Hide
  • 20x Refined Eitr

Refined Eitr

In many recipes, you may have noticed that Refined Eitr is required. This is a crafted item that can be made at an Eitr Refinery. To make this crafting station, you will need the following materials.

  • 20x Black Marble
  • 5x Black Metal
  • 10x Yggdrasil Wood
  • 5x Black Core
  • 3x Sap

Adding one Sap and one Soft Tissue into the Eitr Refinery will create one Refined Eitr, which can then be used to craft a variety of Mistland-tier items.

Eitr Weapons

Lastly, let's go over weapons that utilize Eitr. Currently, there are four weapons in the game that use Eitr, all of which can be crafted at the Galdr table. These weapons have unique effects, which we will take a look at below.




Eitr Required

Magic Type

Staff of Embers

  • 20x Yggdrasil Wood
  • 4x Surtling Core
  • 16x Refined Eitr
  • Launch Fireballs and create firey AoEs

35 Eitr


Staff of Frost

  • 20x Yggdrasil Wood
  • 4x Freeze Gland
  • 16x Refined Eitr
  • Launch slow-moving Ice Shards creating slowing AoEs
  • This staff has bad accuracy and a limited range

5 Eitr


Dead Raiser

  • 10x Bone Fragments
  • 16x Refined Eitr
  • 4x Skeleton Trophy
  • Summon a Skeleton to fight for you
  • You will lose 40% of your current Health

100 Eitr

Blood Magic

Staff of Protection

  • 20x Yggdrasil Wood
  • 4x Blood Clot
  • 16x Refined Eitr
  • Uses Health to create a protective barrier around you
  • You will lose 40% of your current Health

60 Eitr

Blood Magic

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