VALORANT Bug Prevents Players From Using Phoenix’s Ultimate

A new VALORANT bug is seemingly preventing players from using Run It Back, Phoenix’s ultimate ability. The bug has been brought to light by professional player Josh “Steel” Nissan. The 100 Thieves competitor attempted to use the ability multiple times in-game, only realizing the ability hadn’t gone through when it was too late.

Steel took to Twitter to express his frustration, posting clips from a recent VALORANT match. While entering Bind’s A bombsite, Steel unloads many of Phoenix’s abilities. When an ability is activated in VALORANT, a small puff of smoke briefly appears around the ability’s symbol on the bottom of the player’s screen. This indicator can clearly be seen in Steel’s first clip, though his ultimate is not activated.

The same thing happens in the second clip, though this time Steel survives until the end of the video. In both clips, the dots indicating how many ult points have been collected never change. They are always set at full, telling the player their ultimate is ready to use. The two clips take place within one round of each other, meaning Steel has attempted to use his ultimate two rounds in a row with no luck.

Phoenix’s ultimate, called Run It Back, essentially gives him an extra life. Once activated, the player takes on another version of Phoenix for a limited time. If that version of Phoenix is killed or if the time runs out, the player is sent back to where the ability was activated from. When the ultimate is cast, Phoenix says, “come on, let’s go!” This voice line is not heard in Steel’s clips.

Steel tagged the official VALORANT Twitter account and principal software engineer Riot Nu on the initial Tweet. Nu replied, thanking Steel for bringing the issue to their attention and saying “[they’ll] take a look.”

This issue has not yet been fixed by Riot Games, though it will hopefully be patched out soon. It is currently unknown whether or not any other VALORANT agents are being affected by the bug. VALORANT is no stranger to certain agent ability glitches, as players have found ways to make Cypher’s Spycam float in midair, and have Omen teleport off the map.

VALORANT is currently available to play for free on PC only.

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