Valorant Players Are Competing To Get The Fastest Ace

Valorant players are a strange group. Already a highly competitive online shooter, Valorant players aren’t satisfied with just winning games–they have to do it in style. This apparently involves achieving world records in statistics that Valorant was never designed to record.

It started with Valorant players trying to achieve the world record for most assists–something that was incredibly difficult as it required manipulating the game to run as many rounds as possible. Now, players are debating who achieved the world’s fastest ace over on the Valorant subreddit.

While getting assists is hard, getting an Ace often requires more than just skill–it also needs a hefty dose of luck. An Ace means a single player killing the entire enemy team, so getting the fastest Ace means having the enemy team die in rapid succession. It’s sort of like hoping the entire enemy team lines themselves up like dominoes so you can knock them all down at once. Players aren’t often cooperative in competitive PvP games, but sometimes, the stars align.

For example, here's Reddit user Dareemm (courtesy of Dexerto) getting an Ace using Phoenix. The title of the post asks if 1.6 seconds is the world's fastest Ace, which required some definitions in the comments. In this case, the fastest Ace means the time taken from the first kill to the last kill and not the overall time of the round (although it was also pretty short at just seven seconds or so).

This post touched off a discussion in the comments where users showed off their fastest Ace. User Leachii partnered Raze with Breach for a combo kill that took just five seconds since the start of the round and eliminated the entire enemy team in less than a second. Seems like we might have our winner.

Or maybe not. It took just three seconds for user Own-Ambition4006 to kill an entire enemy team simultaneously using Raze's rocket launcher. Killing five players at the same time is basically impossible to beat, but we’ll keep an eye on this post to see if there might be an even faster Ace out there.

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