Valorant Showcases First Indian-Origin Agent, Harbour

Riot recently dropped a brand-new trailer showcasing Valorant's first Indian-Origin agent, Harbour. The character is a controller agent with some serious water-bending abilities.

Harbour’s real name is agent Varun Batra, he works as an artifact retriever for an unknown commander. The trailer reveals his backstory where he and another associate are exploring an ancient ruin in Mumbai. There, both of them stumble upon a powerful artifact, which instantly attaches itself to Harbour’s hand. Seeing this, the associate points his gun at Harbour and asks him to hand over the artifact. However, he somehow manages to conjure up a water wall to block the associate’s bullets and manages to escape. The associate informs his commander that Batra has gone rogue and so begins the chase to retrieve the artifact from him.

The trailer only focuses on the backstory of Harbour and doesn’t fully showcase his abilities. However, there were small hints regarding them. One is clearly the water wall ability, which is something a few other agents also possess, but with a different element. Another was something that shows him encased in a ball of water which was impervious to enemy fire. However, there was no indication of his Ultimate ability or utilities.

Harbour’s arrival means that the Valorant roster now consists of 21 agents. This would seem like a long list considering the game is a 5v5 FPS shooter, but Riot doesn’t plan to stop there. Riot has already mentioned that around 50-60 agents, five or six for each role would be ideal.

Alongside Harbour, a new Tournaments mode is also reportedly coming to the game. The mode will let players compete in regional leagues and earn points through that. Players will also be placed in Divisions split by numbers and will be able to compete in teams of five. Riot devs mentioned that the mode is inspired by League of Legends' Clash, but haven’t fully fleshed out the details. However, it isn’t confirmed that this mode will launch with Episode 5, Act 3, so all we can do is speculate for now.

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