Valorant Unveils New Map And Character For Act III

Riot Games is bringing Act III to Valorant starting on October 13. Various elements of the season will roll out over time, with the brand new map hitting immediately. It’s called Icebox, and it’s aptly named. A frozen facility with two detonation points, the new map has a focus on skirmish gameplay.

Oh, and there’s something else new on the map too — the zipline! Get vertical and get fast as you catch your opponents by surprise and speed quickly across the environment. Icebox is slated to be available on October 13.

A bit later into Act III on October 27, players can experience the new agent Skye. Hailing from Australia, Skye is a master of beasts. Kind of like a druid in futuristic military agent form, Skye can impair enemy vision, heal teammates, and sic her beast companions on opponents. 

While Skye can heal multiple teammates at once, there’s a balance in her kit as she cannot heal herself. Bummer! Her ultimate can inflict nearsightedness on multiple enemies, which is sure to be an incredibly devastating ability. Being able to almost blind your enemies before breaching territory makes for a potent initiate, and foes would be wise to spread out or face a vicious gundown.

Of course, a new Act means a new battlepass too. Chock full of the usual cosmetic unlocks, players can work on the pass over the course of the Act. Remember the sweet Dragon skins? Act III brings a new skin kit for weapons. If you play the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, or Melee weapon, Singularity skins are available, with the entire bundle going for 8,700 VP. Send the enemy into the void, or something. Whatever, they look really cool.

The action kicks off on October 13, but expect content to roll out over the course of the season!

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