Valorant: Viper Character Breakdown

Viper is one of the characters debuting in the much-hyped shooter VALORANT, coming out this summer. The new shooter from Riot Games is already making waves and people around the world. From what they’ve shown so far, the game has frenetic gameplay and fascinating characters.

VALORANT is a competitive shooter with elements from other games like CS:GO and Overwatch. It will feature ten different characters with five available from the start and the other five needing to be unlocked. Each character has unique personalities and four abilities. The signature ability is available every round and the ultimate ability is charged by getting kills. There are also two abilities that you can buy every round and will carry over to subsequent rounds if they are not used.

Viper is an American agent, who’s proficient in the use of toxic chemicals. She’s dressed in green with a mask to protect her from her toxic fumes. According to Polygon, her four abilities are Snakebite, Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Viper’s Pit. These abilities make her perfect for disrupting attacks, holding certain areas, and reducing enemy vision – similar to Caustic from Apex Legends.

Snakebite is an ability she can buy at the beginning of each round. Is allows her to fire a projectile of acid that explodes on the enemy. This ability isn’t featured in the trailer, but we can assume it will be a directed attack that will cause corrosive damage to enemies.

The Poison Cloud is the other ability she can buy. This ability launches an emitter which creates a poisonous cloud. Anyone who sets foot in the load takes damage. This ability is ideal for blocking off doorways or other points on the map.

Viper’s signature ability is the Toxic Screen. It deploys emitters in a line to create a wall of gas. Anything that tries to get through the wall will take damage. The Toxic Screen creates a barrier to block enemies’ vision and to cut off parts of the map. This ability is linked to the fuel she carries with her and when the fuel runs out, the ability ends.

Her ultimate ability is the Viper’s Pit. She throws a spike into the ground which takes a couple of seconds to activate. Once activated, it creates a large ring of toxic gas around it. Viper can move around in this area unscathed, but enemies take damage if they come through and also get highlighted for her to kill.

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