Valve Index Interest High as Shipping Dates Slip Into August and September

Interest in the Valve Index was always going to be massive and that seems to have been proven only a day after pre-orders went live. Head on over to the headset’s Steam pre-order page and you’ll notice a little change from yesterday, the shipping dates how now changed, with several months having been added to certain items (for the UK at least).

When Valve Index pre-orders went live yesterday each item was given a shipping date of 28th June 2019. That first batch of pre-orders has now obviously sold through, extending the dates further. The most notable is for the entire Valve Index VR Kit retailing for £919 GBP ($999 USD) which has seen the date slip by 3 months to 30th September 2019. Slightly less dramatic is the headset and controller bundle for £689, with a new shipment date of 31st August. It certainly seems that even with these prices customers haven’t been put off – although it’s unclear how much stock Valve had allocated in the first place.

Apart from the two main kits, the headset by itself now has a 31st July date, while both the Valve Index controllers and the 2.0 Base Stations remain unchanged from 28th June. So if you thought to wait until the end of next month was long then you’re going to need to be even more patient.

Designed for high-fidelity virtual reality (VR) gaming, the Valve Index is being firmly marketed towards those who already love VR and want an even better experience. Featuring a custom built full-RGB, fast switch, LCD display which has a resolution of 2880×1600 (1440×1600 per eye) and a 130 degree FOV, the device also includes near-field off-ear speakers, manual IPD adjustment, an integrated ‘eye relief’ knob, anti-microbial fabric for cleanliness and a front trunk ( called ‘Frunk’) which will support additional USB 3.0 devices.

And rather teasingly, Valve has also confirmed a ‘flagship VR title‘ will be revealed later this year, supporting all SteamVR compatible headsets.

With that delay, it looks like only a few lucky early adopters will be able to make use of the Viveport Infinity offer, which allowed new Valve Index users to get 2 months free when they subscribed, as the deal is only available until 30th June.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Valve Index, reporting back with the latest updates

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