Valve Sent Someone A Turkey Fryer With Their Steam Deck, Now Wants It Back

The Steam Deck has been on the market for a while at this point, and many who ordered the console a long time ago are gradually seeing their waits for it finally come to an end. One Steam Deck owner even had a turkey fryer thrown in for good measure. Well, actually, that was a mistake, and now Valve wants it back. The fryer, not the Steam Deck.

The owner of the Steam Deck wasn't getting their console for the first time when it arrived with an unexpected kitchen appliance either. It was actually being returned from Valve's repair center, as detailed by Throwaway19712654876 on Reddit and reported by PCGamesN. The baffled gamer contacted Steam Support, letting them know about the added extra they received, presumably by accident.

Throwaway19712654876 received a generic reply in response labeling the unexpected turkey fryer an “issue”. Upon informing Valve a free fryer isn't an issue, the company got back to them in an attempt to explain what had happened, but the explanation doesn't really make much sense. It seems Valve believed the fryer was sent to its repair center alongside the Steam Deck, hence it being sent back with the repaired console.

Admitting it was the company's mistake, Valve has requested Throwaway19712654876 send the fryer back to its repair center, presumably for free as it mentions supplying a returns label. The Reddit post claims the fryer can then be returned to its rightful owner, however, it has been pointed out in the replies that Valve has effectively admitted to not knowing who that owner is or where it came from in the first place.

There have been a number of items sent to people in place of PC parts and consoles in the last few years. Someone received a big bag of cat food instead of a PS5 when the current-gen console was much harder to come by, and earlier this year someone expecting an RTX GPU got a box of sand. This might be the first case of someone getting something with their expected parcel as opposed to instead of it.

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