Vibe With Diluc In Genshin Impact’s New EP At the Light of Dawn

Ever wanted to stare wistfully into the horizon with Genshin Impact’s Diluc? Have you visited the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt and thought the only thing missing was a beautiful orchestra in the background…and a contemplative Diluc? Well if so, you are in luck! The folks behind Genshin Impact, miHoYo, have put together an over-four minute long video of music set to footage of Diluc and his winery.

The video, available on Genshin’s YouTube channel, is titled “At the Light of Dawn” and includes four songs by composer You-Peng Chen. Each song is accompanied by Diluc in settings that relate to the title of the tracks, specifically the Dawn Winery.

The first track in the video is titled “Fireside Rest” and wouldn’t you know it, it plays as Diluc is taking a nice rest by a fireside within the Dawn Winery. The music is really soothing and the imagery of the fireplace really does create a relaxing atmosphere. Then, “Dawn Winery Theme” begins to play as the video shows footage of the winery, the fields around it, and all of the neighboring homes and buildings.

The third track, “Lone Sojourner”, shows Diluc heading out to camp at Wolvendom. As Diluc sits under his tent, the night settles around him and the beautiful chords of the songs float about. Not only does the song show off Diluc, but it really emphasizes the beauty of the art within the game. Finally, Diluc packs up his camp and heads back to the Winery accompanied by the song “Before Dawn, At The Winery”.

Seems this new EP is all about Diluc. While the video and music are wonderful, and sure to be on repeat for many Genshin fans, it is odd that Diluc would be the focus. Currently, Diluc is not a featured character on any banner in the game. Though, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance to grab him for your party. As a five-star Pyro unit that is always available, there is a chance you could get Diluc from the always-available Wanderlust Invocation banner on Ganyu’s Adrift in the Harbor banner.

Perhaps this new EP is just a treat for fans, or maybe it hints at things to come with the impending update. Either way, now’s your chance to relax by the fire with Diluc as you both contemplate just how much money he truly has!

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