VR Arcades Will be Able to Showcase Targo’s Immersive Documentaries Using Synthesis VR

Targo is a specialist in virtual reality (VR) documentaries, tending to distribute its content via apps like Samsung VR, InceptionVR, Oculus Video and LittlStar for a range of headsets. To broaden that content delivery even further the company has now partnered with Synthesis VR to enter the VR arcade market.

Synthesis VR is a location-based entertainment (LBE) content and licensing platform which is currently used in over 120 locations worldwide with over 150 experiences in its catalogue. Thanks to the new partnership Synthesis VR will now be able to offer its customers all of Targo’s immersive documentaries no matter where they are.

The trend in LBE content tends to focus purely on interactive content, whether that’s single-player experiences or multiplayer mashups. As the industry expands and diversifies there has been a growing demand for travel, educational, documentary and journalism experiences from customers.

“Though VR locations and arcades have been focused on gaming, there has been a pivot and more locations and consumers are interested in experiences and non-gaming content in the past few months,” said A Shabeer Sinnalebbe, CEO of Synthesis VR in a statement.

“With this partnership, we want to offer arcades the tools to reach everyone, beyond the gamers. There are still so many people who don’t know that VR can be used for documentaries,” adds Victor Agulhon, CEO of TARGO.

VR Arcades need to stay fresh a vibrant, hosting not only popular videogames but new and revolving content. As such, Targo and Synthesis VR will be releasing a new documentary each month for the platform, which should help attract new customers and retaining existing customers.

Remember, if you prefer watching VR documentaries at home you still can very easily. In November 2018 Targo released its very own free app for Oculus Go, allowing users to view all of the films created so far. Or for those that own an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR or Windows Mixed Reality headset there’s always one of the other apps previously mentioned. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Targo, reporting back with the latest content and expansion updates.

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