VR Cover Creates Foam and Cotton Accessories for Oculus Quest

Introducing new people to virtual reality (VR) is almost as fun as playing VR itself, seeing that smile appear when they realise how far the technology has come and what it can achieve. However, showing your mates awesome titles like Beat Saber means a lot of sweaty faces which isn’t so nice, thankfully, VR Cover provides a range of options to rectify this situation. And with the upcoming launch of Oculus Quest, VR Cover has created a new foam set and cotton cover, ready for lots of friends wanting to demo the headset.

First of all, there’s the VR Cover Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set which retails for $29.00 USD. The kit comes with a facial interface and a pair of wipeable PU leather foam replacements in 2 versions: standard and comfort. These ultra-soft foam replacements help to block light leakage ruining your VR experience, are moisture resistant with sweat and dirt easily wiped off, while the two versions help to further tailor the headset to your own comfort requirements. The standard foam version offers a tighter fitting and puts your eyes closer to the display. The comfort version adds extra padding should you need it, plus the extra distance from the lenses is ideal for those who wear glasses.

Then there are the Oculus Quest VR Covers which retail for $19.00. Supplied in a pack of two, these 100% cotton covers simply attach over the standard Oculus Quest interface. Quick to absorb moisture, they are machine washable and can easily be swapped over when needed.

“Customers are playing longer in these increasingly immersive headsets,” said Matthias Hoffrichter, managing director of VR Cover in a statement. “So our products must handle the heavy usage without compromising on hygiene and comfort.”

Both versions are due to arrive after the launch of Oculus Quest with the VR Cover Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set available from 28th May, and the Oculus Quest VR Covers shipping from 4th June 2019.

VR Cover has been creating these accessories since 2014, starting with the Oculus Rift DK2. The company has cotton covers or foam replacements for most of the major VR headsets. For further updates on VR Cover’s latest products, keep reading VRFocus.

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