Walmart Is Selling PS5 And Xbox Series X Stock Online On November 25

Another day, another update on next-gen console inventory. Today’s news comes from Walmart, as the retail giant will be restocking both PS5 and Series X inventory on November 25 at 7pm ET.

Unlike some other retailers, Walmart isn’t selling any bundles. You’ll be able to find a limited quantity of PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles available online. None of these will be available for purchase in stores, so get ready to mash your refresh button in frustration as you fend off thousands of other potential buyers.

While the consoles are likely to sell out fast, don’t give up hope when servers begin to slow down, and the website claims its inventory is out of stock. Back on launch day, I was lucky enough to get a PS5 into my cart and – despite the website telling me the units were gone – complete my order after much refreshing and button clicking. It’s not foolproof, but when servers get bogged down its best to push through and hope for the best.

Folks who pre-ordered PS5 have been having just as much difficulty getting their hands on the console as those who didn’t. GAME, one of the top video game retailers in the UK, recently sent out an apology email to some of its customers, as PS5 pre-order shipments had been delayed. Apparently, the sheer volume of orders – along with the sheer size of PS5 – caused a few issues for the company in charge of shipping out Sony’s latest console. No doubt it’s frustrating, but we’re hopeful everyone who pre-ordered will have their system within the next few business days.

At any rate, Walmart will have all consoles back in stock for online purchase on November 25 at 7pm ET. Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, but will open back up for Black Friday – and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a fresh shipment of consoles. Companies seem to be dropping new inventory at random times throughout the week, so stay tuned for updates as they become available.

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