Walmart Restocking PS5 And Xbox Series X|S This Afternoon

Walmart is restocking its virtual shelves this afternoon, as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be available once again. Xbox Series X|S consoles will go live at 2:30pm ET, while PS5 consoles go live a bit later at 3pm ET.

The items will only be available for delivery and are likely to sell out fast – be sure to refresh those browsers quickly and have multiple tabs open if you’re hoping to walk away with a next-gen system.

All four systems can be found directly through the Walmart app or Walmart’s website. Here are the direct links to save you some precious time:

PlayStation 5 Restock

  • PlayStation 5 – $499 (Restock at 3:00pm ET)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – $399 (Restock at 3:00pm ET)

Xbox Series X|S Restock

  • Xbox Series X – $499 (Restock at 2:30pm ET)
  • Xbox Series S – $299 (Restock at 2:30 ET)

Getting your hands on a next-gen console hasn’t been easy, as supply remains limited and resellers continue to gobble up everything they can. Walmart has been pumping out restocks at a constant clip – along with several other retailers such as Amazon and GameStop – but it’s still a challenge to fight your way through the overcrowded servers and successfully make a purchase.

My best advice is to simply wait for supply to finally meet demand, or slam that refresh button a dozen times hoping for your transaction to go through. With servers getting flooded, you’ll probably see long delays and “Out of Stock” notifications – but it’s still worth powering through the frustration to try and get a new PS5 or Series X.

If you’d rather wait until inventory is more reliable, you’ll probably be waiting until at least the end of the summer. Chipsets are in short supply right now, although production is expected to ramp up within the next few months.

For now, Walmart remains your best chance at landing a new console. Xbox Series X|S go on sale at 2:30pm ET, followed by PS5 at 3:00pm ET.

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