Walter White Has Finally Been Added To MultiVersus With This Mod

Thanks to a mod, Walter White has finally made his way to MultiVersus.

Part of the fun of MultiVersus is guessing which of the many Warner Bros.-owned properties will be making its way to the game next. Despite Breaking Bad not even being owned or associated with Warner Bros., one of the most popular fan requests is for Walter White to join as a playable character.

Heisenberg has become a bit of a MultiVersus meme over the past few months, with fan renders and Twitter accounts dedicated to asking Player First Games to add the one who knocks to the game. Although that doesn't seem very likely in the near future, Breaking Bad fans can at least pretend he's in with a new mod.

As shared by the "Walter White For MultiVersus" Twitter account, a mod on Game Banana from JakeBanana sees Shaggy's model replaced with one of Walter White in his iconic yellow hazmat suit. Although some mods are importing moves and specific character movements, the one here is just a model swap, so don't go expecting Shaggy to be throwing pizzas or using bunsen burners just yet.

Although the proportions are a little bit uncanny valley when using some of Shaggy's moves, it's a pretty impressive model swap that certainly looks enough like Walter White. As an added bonus, Shaggy's character portrait will also change to show a custom one of Walt. You'll still have to put up with him sounding like a Scooby-Doo character, though.

A quick look through Game Banana shows that this is currently the only Breaking Bad mod for MultiVersus on the site, although it's inevitable that more are on the way. Although Walter White is the main character that Breaking Bad fans are jokingly (or not jokingly, we can never tell) advocating for the game, other memes have shown Jesse, Gus Fring, and Saul Goodman included in the game instead, each with some fairly detailed movelist ideas.

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