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Kowloon Street is the last area you travel through in Wanted: Dead and houses the game's final two boss encounters. The fifth and penultimate boss battle is a showdown with two Spider Tanks, which you will recognize from your first boss fight of the game during the Daurer HQ Mission.

Like the original Spider Tank encounters, you will need to get your hands on a specific weapon to take the Tanks down reliably, but the twist here is there are now two of them. Nonetheless, the overall strategies of your first bout will apply here, but with a slight shift in your focus.

Dual Spider Tank Overview

As already mentioned, this encounter is exactly like your first battle with the Spider Tank, except this time, there are two of them, adding an extra layer of chaos into the mix. While we would like to say this changes your strategy up drastically as a result, nothing really changes, except you periodically have to look for where the second Spider Tank is.

Furthermore, you should have all your Skill Trees maxed out at this point in the game, meaning we have no Skills to recommend to you this time around, and you won't be using any of them much anyway for this encounter. One last thing of note is you are battling the Dual Spider Tanks alongside the rest of the Zombie Squad, meaning you have access to a Revive if you are to fall in battle, making this fight even easier to tackle.

Dual Spider Tank Phase One

After the cutscene plays that reveal two Spider Tanks and the fight begins, the Gunsmith will toss an RPG on the ground near the north end of the arena, allowing you to pick it up and use it against the Tanks. Like your first bout with the Spider Tank, this is the only way you can consistently and effectively deal damage, and you will have to find an opening to take a shot.

Not only that, but since you are using an RPG instead of a Grenade Launcher, you must reload after every shot, which can slightly throw a wrench into your progress. Additionally, you do not have to worry about conserving ammo, as the Gunsmith will periodically toss RPGs onto the ground, allowing you to replenish your rockets.

Dual Spider Tank Phase One Strategy

In more ways than one, the Dual Spider Tank encounter is very similar to the previous boss fight, Mr. Holiday, in that both Tanks share the same Health Bar, and only one will aggro you at a time. In addition to that, the first phase only has you get their HP down halfway before shifting into the second phase, where you will only be fighting one Spider Tank that now has full health.

Your overall strategy for the first phase is to avoid its attacks, look for an opening, shoot it with the RPG, reload, and repeat. Like your first run-in with a Spider Tank, there are only four moves to worry about, and they are all easily telegraphed and easy to dodge. The only difference here is that you don't know which Spider Tank will be attacking you, and they can be positioned at different angles.


One of the two Spider Tanks will begin charging at you, annihilating everything in its path. When you see the Tank start to charge forward, run to either the left or right to avoid getting hit. Afterward, you can land one or, in some cases, two shots from the RPG. If you have the Quick Reload Skill, and you should at this stage of the game, you can likely get two shots off before preparing for the next attack.

Focused Beam

Either of the Spider Tanks will start charging its main cannon before unleashing a devastating shot at you. You should have the Evade Window Increase Skill at this point. If you do, you can Evade just before the shot lands to evade all damage. If you don't have that Skill or cannot seem to get the timing of the roll down, you can run to the left or right, but this is a bit harder to dodge consistently, as the splash damage may occasionally clip you. Nonetheless, after you dodge the Focused Beam, you can hit it with one RPG shot before preparing for its next move.

Sporadic Shots

Another attack that centers around its main cannon is the Sporadic Shots attack, which has one Spider Tank launch several shots at you rapidly. To dodge this, run left or right and keep cooking it until the Spider Tank ceases fire. After it fires its last shot, you can retaliate with one blast from your RPG. You might be able to get two RPG shots off here, but we wouldn't risk it, especially when there's no real need to put yourself at risk during this fight.


Its last attack centers around its two turrets, allowing it to fire a barrage of bullets at you with its Chaingun attack. This mechanic is resolved the same way as the last one: running to the left or right and continuing in that direction until the Tank stops firing. After it does that, we recommend only taking one shot at the Spider Tank with your RPG before preparing for its next attack. From here, you're simply repeating every step above until you get the Health Bar down halfway, which will begin the second phase.

Dual Spider Tank Phase Two

After getting the Health Bar down halfway in phase one, a short cutscene will play, and only one Spider Tank will remain. Its health will be replenished, and it will be much more aggressive than before. If you remember your first encounter with the Spider Tank, this is exactly the same as the second phase of that encounter. The Spider Tank is much faster but has all the same actions as before, all of which are resolved the same way.

Dual Spider Tank Phase Two Strategy

As just touched on, the strategy for this phase of the encounter is to do the same things as the last stage, but only faster. However, you should always take one shot with your RPG this time around instead of two. This is crucial as going for two can place you in a very rough spot and result in your life.

Like the first Spider Tank boss fight, there's nothing really special or noteworthy for the second phase other than it moves much faster and is more aggressive, giving you shorter windows to get your shots in. With unlimited ammo thanks to the Gunsmith's ability to keep tossing in an endless stream of RPGs, and the Doc's ability to Revive you, you should have this in the bag if you got through the first phase with no hiccups.

Lastly, there will be moments where the other members of the Zombie Unit temporarily distract the Spider Tank, allowing you to get in a couple of uncontested shots. This will enable you to take it down much faster than your previous encounter. Overall, the second phase is much easier than the first one, especially with all the support you have from your teammates.

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