Warframe: How To Farm Aya Fast

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Warframe added a new resource called Aya with the Prime Resurgence program. All sources of vaulted Relics have been replaced with this rare resource. Vaulted Relics can now be purchased from Dax Varzia, a vendor located in Maroo's Bazaar. All vaulted Relics can be purchased for Aya, allowing you to target farm whatever vaulted Prime items you wish.

Of course, a new resource means a new grind. Aya's drop rates are somewhat low, and this resource only drops in quantities of one. Thankfully, there are a few activities you can farm that have far better odds of granting Aya. This guide will cover some of Warframe's best Aya farms, allowing you to obtain the Relics you care about much faster.

Updated September 14th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Prime Resurgence is back and here to stay. Besides the return of Aya itself, Digital Extremes has updated the drop rates for a few activities, and Aya now drops from Zariman bounties. We've updated this guide with up-to-date drop rates for all strategies, and we've added a strategy for farming Aya from Zariman bounties.

All drop rates were obtained from Warframe PC Drops, a website hosted by Digital Extremes.

T5 Deimos Bounties

Level 40 – 60 Cambion Drift Bounty
Aya Yield: Average (~5/hr)
Stage 1Doesn't Drop (0%)
Stage 2, Stage 3 of 4, and Stage 3 of 5Uncommon (28.57%)
Stage 4 of 5Uncommon (22.22%)
Final StageCommon (43.48%)

If you're able to farm the level 40-60 Deimos bounties on the Cambion Drift, we highly recommend you farm your Aya from this activity. Deimos bounties are fairly straightforward, don't take much time to complete, and your chances of getting an Aya drop are fairly reasonable. The other open worlds are also solid options, as we'll discuss later in this guide, but Deimos is the smallest open world of the bunch and has fewer buggy bounties. You'll also be gaining a ton of Entrati reputation and a solid chunk of Endo with this farm—perfect if you're looking to unlock the Helminth system.

In terms of raw Aya per hour, Deimos is slightly above-average and requires very little input from you. Most of these bounties don't require much effort to complete from an experienced player, allowing you to multitask or casually complete this farm. This is quite a popular Aya farm, so getting a four-player squad together through public matchmaking shouldn't be a large ask.

If you really care about min-maxing, here are some Warframe recommendations:

  • Mesa: Deals an immense amount of damage when modded right and can stun nearby Infested with Shooting Gallery.
  • Wisp: Buffing your squad with fire rate, HP, and even a damage buff via Helminth can make this mission much easier if you're a newer player.
  • Octavia: If you want a chill farming experience, Octavia's Mallets will take care of most Deimos enemies for you. Keep the beats flowing to rack up your kill count.
  • Voidrig: OK, this isn't a Warframe, but the Necramechs hit like a truck and are much easier now. Deploy your mech, activate your fourth ability, then watch everything die.

If you're struggling to complete the bonus objective against Garv and his Grineer crew, bring a Warframe with Banish. Banished Grinner can't kill the Infested, making the bonus objective a guarantee.

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T5 Fortuna Bounties

Level 40 – 60 Orb Vallis Bounty
Aya Yield: Average (~4-5/hr)
Stage 1Doesn't Drop (0%)
Stage 2, Stage 3 of 4, and Stage 3 of 5Uncommon (25.00%)
Stage 4 of 5Uncommon (21.43%)
Final StageCommon (50.00%)

Fortuna bounties are another good source of Aya, albeit not as good as Deimos bounties due to the size of the Orb Vallis. You'll want to farm either T5 bounties here; T1, T2, and T4 have lackluster Aya drop rates. Your goal is to fully complete each bounty and bonus objective. A flawless run gives you an additional shot of obtaining an Aya. T3 runs are slightly shorter than T5 runs, although T5 bounties have double the Aya drop chance (the final objective has a 50% drop chance as opposed to 25%). If you own an Archwing or fast Warframe like Volt, give this farm a try. For newer players, you might be better off using another farming method.

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T5 Cetus Bounties

Level 40 – 60 Ghoul Bounty
Aya Yield: Average (~4-5/hr)
Stage 1Doesn't Drop (0%)
Stage 2, Stage 3 of 4, and Stage 3 of 5Uncommon (33.04%)
Stage 4 of 5Uncommon (25.68%)
Final StageCommon (38.76%)

The Plains of Eidolon saw some drop rate buffs with the return of Prime Resurgence. While the first stage can't drop any Aya, the other stages have an uncommon chance of dropping one Aya. Since Cetus bounties are fairly easy to complete, this is a solid alternative to farming Deimos or Fortuna. Most bounties on the Plains are quite easy although usually timed. If you want to make some bounties easier, consider bringing:

  • Nova: She can teleport drones and VIP targets for some bounties.
  • Wisp: Hastens certain NPC-related objectives.
  • Mesa: Makes the kill objectives much faster.

Why Not Farm Ghoul Purge Cetus Bounties?

Ghoul Purge bounties no longer drop Aya during the first stage, so they are no longer worth running. Only the last two stages can drop Aya, and their drop rates are around 15% for both stages. You're better off farming normal Cetus bounties or another open world altogether.

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Ukko, Void Capture Farming

Void/Ukko (Capture)
Aya Yield: Average (~5/hr)
CompletionRare (6.77%)

Capture speedrunning saw a nerf from the original Prime Resurgence event (about a 20% drop rate nerf), but it's still a fantastic farm if you want a relaxed farm. You'll be playing Titania, Volt, or Wisp as you attempt to clear the Capture mission in under a minute. We recommend Titania for this, but feel free to use any speedy Warframe in your arsenal.

The goal is to reach the target, capture them, and immediately make your way to evac. Each clear of Ukko has a 6.77% chance of dropping one Aya. That sounds low, but you can reduce your Capture runs to just under a minute with a good build. With up to 50+ chances of Aya per hour, this is a decent farm if you're a solo player that can't stand open world bounty farming.

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Zariman Bounties

Zariman Bounties
Aya Yield: Varies (~3-5/hr)
Level 50-55 BountyRare (8.70%)
Level 60-65 BountyRare (8.47%)
Level 70-75 BountyRare (8.73%)
Level 90-95 BountyUncommon (12.34%)
Level 110-115 BountyUncommon (12.34%)

Zariman bounties refresh every two and a half hours. Check back often.

Zariman bounties have a slim chance of dropping Aya in all but the last two tiers. Unfortunately, the Zariman's bounty requirements can vary drastically. You'll want to keep an eye out for T4/T5 bounties that are Exterminate missions with an easy objective. Some easy objectives include:

  • Complete the mission in under six minutes.
  • Defeat X Enemies.
  • Find and activate X Lohk Surges.

These bounties can be quite tough due to the high enemy level, so be prepared. Exterminate missions can be quickly farmed with a good AoE weapon with an ammo mutation mod and a speedrunning Warframe—Volt or Wisp, for example. You can also try Titania with Thermal Sunder, although we only recommend this for lower bounty tiers. Clear the missions, and you'll have a small chance of getting Aya after each completion. It's slightly slower than a Capture farm, although it's possible to get more Aya per hour with this method if you can achieve two or three-minute Exterminate runs. You'll need a min-maxed build or team to make that possible.

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Passive Sources Of Aya

We've listed the best farming sources for Aya for the Prime Resurgence event, but there are a couple of passive Aya sources we want to mention:

  • Relic Packs
  • Login Rewards

Relic Packs

It seems that vaulted Relics obtained from Relic Packs have been replaced with one Aya. Whenever you purchase a Relic Pack, there is a fairly small chance that you'll receive one Aya instead of a Relic. Hypothetically, it's possible to receive up to three Aya from a single Relic Pack, although the chances of this occurring are slim.

You can obtain Relic Packs from the following:

  • Syndicates
  • Steel Essence (Steel Path)
  • Market (20 Platinum each)
    • We do not recommend you purchase Relic Packs for Platinum.

    Both Syndicates and Steel Path have daily missions that grant Standing and Steel Essence, respectively. If you're a casual player or a veteran that wants an alternative to farming open worlds, completing your Syndicate and Steel Path dailies is a decent source of Aya.

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    Login Rewards

    Reddit user u/MaKTaiL discovered that Aya is a potential login reward. It can appear during any login reward day. Similar to rare resources, the quantity of Aya you'll receive from your login reward is determined by how long you've been playing Warframe. The game uses the following formula to determine how much Aya you'll receive:

    • Rounded(1 + Day/200).

    It's unknown if Aya is a common, uncommon, or rare login reward.

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