Warlord: Britannia – How To Defeat Convoys

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Waging a seemingly endless war on the Britons is a fun, yet difficult affair. There is always something that gets in the way of your complete and utter domination. Whether that be raids from the unruly rabble, heathen nobles stirring unrest, or just the constant need to replenish your forces as soldiers die in the line of duty.

Nearly all of these things need some sort of attention, but you also have to consider the financial impact. Thankfully, getting copious amounts of money isn’t too difficult if you are down to murder a few people and steal all of their stuff. This is where convoys come (roll?) into play.

What Are Convoys?

Convoys are roaming bands of Celts who are packing a shocking amount of money in their pockets. They come in a variety of sizes, and the bigger the Convoy, the greater the reward. Of course, the bigger the Convoy, the greater the risk too.

How To Track Convoys

Convoys are announced on the Event Tracker and are always going from their spawn point to a preset destination. They tend to travel on or near roads and can be tracked by checking your map. They are color-coded, with Green being a fairly weak Convoy, whilst a Red being incredibly dangerous.

Hover your mouse over a Convoy and a tooltip will appear showing what a Convoy is carrying.

Rewards For Defeating Convoys

Fighting Convoys is a great way to make money. Like with conquering settlements, you will gain copious amounts of Silver – the resource required to upgrade and promote your units. Unlike Taxing settlements, however, Convoys also carry Gold. Gold is incredibly valuable and much harder to obtain. This resource is used to hire new troops to aid in the war effort.

Not only that but Convoys are sometimes led by Nobles. Killing these Nobles will lower the unrest in all nearby settlements, lowering the likelihood of Raiders being spawned to disrupt your plans.

How To Defeat Convoys

Convoys are tricky to deal with since they are constantly on the move, and they have a tendency to scatter when a battle is going south. The best way to tackle them is to ambush them on the road.

Use your map to find a Convoy, track where it is headed, and move your units onto the road it is heading down. Have them hold a position. Once they are in range, your units will throw their Pilum and the battle will begin.

This then descends into a standard fight, so use your Bow, Pila, and Gladius to assassinate armored targets. Once the enemy starts to flee, use Charge to chase them down. Once the last of the Convoy is dead, you will receive your reward and notifications if any Nobles were killed during the battle.

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