Warner Bros. Montreal’s Next Project Will Be A Single Player DC Game

Gotham Knights unfortunately did not have the success story WB Montreal hoped it would be. The initial marketing got a lot of fans of the Arkham games pumped, as it had a similar look and feel to it. However, the closer it got to launch day, the less interest anyone seemed to show in it. And much like how the devs promised about Batman, Gotham Knights would eventually be dead and stay dead. However, the team is already gearing up for its next title, and it looks like something fans will appreciate.

As spotted by Twisted Voxel, WB Games Montreal has put up a job listing (scroll down for the English version) which suggests that its next project will be a single player game set in the DC universe. The listing is for a Lead Gameplay Programmer, who will be "responsible for expanding the DC Comics universe into the interactive space."

According to the job description, candidates will be "managing a group of programmers to develop, maintain, and optimize cross-platform systems and tools that include gameplay, graphics, animation, physics, networking, and other core systems. It will be your responsibility to establish work priorities, develop plans and assist production in planning and assigning tasks to team members."

If WB has learned anything from its marketing strategy for Gotham Knights, we probably won't hear anything about this game for a while. It's unclear whether this game will fall into James Gunn and Peter Safran's new vision of the DC connected universe, where on-screen characters and their video game counterparts will have the same actors. Gunn made this announcement along with revealing a slew of new DC projects.

However, not everyone was happy with this 'same actor' strategy. For instance, former Batman Arkham dev, Del Walker vowed to "never work on a DC title ever again" if it goes ahead. He went on to say that Hollywood actors can't outdo Tara Strong as Harley Quinn and that they won't be able to do 600-700 lines per session like actual voice actors do. Not to mention the massive budget for something like that.

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