Warzone 2 And Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Gives Out Free Store Purchases

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players aren't just getting maximum cash in the DMZ mode, but free, otherwise paid purchases, in the store. And it's not intentional. It's a dev error that lets effected players unlock weapon camos, attachments, operators, future DLC, and even Modern Warfare 2's Vault Edition.

It's not just paid content that players are managing to nab at a 100 percent discount, either, as smaller in-game unlocks like weapons, skins, and attachments are also reportedly triggering for no apparent reason (thanks, GamesRadar).

Infinity Ward has yet to address the issue, though players are already trying to figure out how to trigger the dev error before it gets patched so they can pull out some freebies before it all shuts down. However, it's likely that any free DLC and store items grabbed in this glitch no-money spending spree will be pulled back after the bug is patched, so maybe don't hold your anime weapons too dearly, eh?

The Vault Edition is the biggest purchase you can get for free via this glitch, as it normally retails at $99.99. It comes with the FJX Cinder, the season 1 battle pass (and 50 tier skips), theRed Team 141 operator pack, the Khaled Al-Asad bundle, the Final Judgement bundle, the Ghost legacy pack, and the cross-gen bundle download. That's a lot of freebies rolled into one, and players are reportedly grabbing this and other in-game store purchases for free.

Given that the battle pass has 100 tiers, that means that the glitch is giving people access to unlocking half of it. Rolling that back might prove difficult, but we'll have to wait and see for how Infinity Ward and Activision respond.

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