Warzone event: Blueprint Blitz end date, when does Numbers event start?

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With the current Blueprint Blitz event continuing over the weekend, it won’t be long before developers Raven Software wraps everything up and begins the next stage of Season 5.

This will be when the Call of Duty Warzone Numbers event starts, an activity that has been teased over the past couple of weeks and is not connected to any game reveals.

Instead, it will be connected to the doors transporting players around Verdansk and is set to include plenty of new loot to unlock.

For the next couple of days, Warzone fans have the chance of adding 11 Weapon Blueprints from previous seasons to their loadouts.

And the way to unlock these old items that have been brought is to hunt down Contraband Contracts in Verdansk.

They’re rare in regular games, but during the Blueprint Blitz event, gamers will have a lot morchancesce to hunt them down.

The Contract – which appears as a blue briefcase – will appear after one Operator completes any other Contract in the game. When hovering over a Contraband Contract, you will see the massive Cash payout and the permanently unlocked Weapon Blueprint it rewards you for completing it.

Also, unlike most Contracts that expire upon death, any Operator who eliminates someone with the Contraband Contract gets to pick it up for themselves.

After picking up this Briefcase, your Tac Map will update to show the extraction platform – a blue platform icon – for this piece of Contraband. Similar to a Plunder Platform, you must call in a chopper to safely bring the Contraband out of the DZ, then interact with the bag it drops after flying in to secure your new weapon.

The current Blueprint Blitz event is expected to end at around 6pm BST on Monday, September 20, 2021.

And will be quickly followed by the Warzone Numbers event, which has an expected start time of 6pm BST on September 21.

Call of Duty Warzone: Activision teases latest update

More is expected to be shared on the new activities coming to the game on September 20, with new content also planned for Call of Duty Cold War.

According to Activision, a set of nine challenges that can be completed in Multiplayer or Zombies will be available during the Numbers Event.

This will be different to the set of nine challenges to complete Warzone, with a total of 18 challenges and 19 rewards to earn during the event. Complete a full set of nine challenges in either game to unlock the first-ever event weapon reward, the Sai.

The new melee weapon is described like this: “This dual-wield Melee weapon, often used in stealthy martial arts, is the first-ever functional weapon to be awarded via limited-time event.

“Hundreds of years ago, it was introduced to the island of Okinawa and eventually became adopted by the local police to aid in arresting criminals. For an outlaw like Kitsune, who grew up nearly 1,200 kilometres away in Kobe, wielding one is an irony she relishes.

“Its lightweight design allows for improved agility and fast attacks, which is great for taking out zombies or the competition in Multiplayer and Warzone.”

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