Warzone Has Dropped Trios In Favor Of Quads And Players Are Not Happy About It

Warzone‘s latest update has brought with it a Quads mode, allowing teams of four to drop onto the map. Trios have been sacrificed to make way for the new mode.

Although there are numerous battle royale games out there right now, and a skeleton ruleset most of them follow, each has tweaked the genre in its own way. Whether it be changing the size of the teams, allowing players to return after meeting their fate, or changing the number of people who are plummeting down onto the map at the start of any given round.

When it comes to Warzone, Infinity Ward kicked things off by having players compete as teams of three, rounds of 150 players, and using something called the Gulag to allow players a second chance should they get killed. Trios wasn’t a mode battle royale heavyweight Fortnite had given a whirl, but it was a squad size Apex Legends enjoyed a lot of success with.

As for Warzone, players seem to be fans of the three-person squad size. A week later, a Solos mode was added for those who prefer to go it alone. However, there was also talk of different modes coming in the near future, and that has now happened. The game’s latest update, which was rolled out on Tuesday, introduced Quads to Warzone for the first time.

There’s one big catch that players have taken major issue with, though. Quads mode hasn’t joined Trios on Warzone, it has replaced it. Players immediately took to Reddit, questioning why the game can’t have Trios and Quads at the same time. “I’m not sure why it’s so hard to just leave all of the modes in the game,” one player wrote, asking whether this means Quads will also be replaced a few weeks from now.

While Warzone is still in its very early stages and a lot of elements and features are being tried and tested, removing Trios and replacing it with Quads is something of a head-scratcher. Surely there’s room for both? Since the news that Infinity Ward has already been testing five-person teams, there’s a very real chance that once the players angry about the removal of Trios have calmed down, Quads will be replaced with Quins.

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