Watch This Rat Steal A Sleeping Streamer’s Cigarettes

Nothing much exciting happens on a live stream featuring a sleeping streamer — unless that streamer shares their living space with a nicotine-loving rat.

The streaming world is growing, and it turns out that is both good and bad. As more people stream more things, whether it be gaming or otherwise, more things are being caught on camera. In 2019, that included streamers being mean to animals and arguing with homeless people. Maybe turn the camera off from time to time guys or, you know, don’t do that stuff.

Not everything unintentionally caught on people’s live streams has been as upsetting as the examples given above. Some of it has just been downright weird and a tad gross. Take one of the videos gaining traction on Reddit right now, for example. Upon first look, the clip seems to feature nothing more than a streamer who has nodded off mid-stream.

However, a few seconds into the clip, the sleeping streamer is visited by an unwelcome guest: a rat that, rather than searching for and grabbing some scraps of food that might be lying around, picks up the streamer’s cigarettes. On the bright side, when the streamer wakes up and discovers that his cigarettes are missing, he will have video evidence of the culprit responsible.

Commenters on the video have been questioning whether the rat is a pet or one that has wandered into the streamer’s home for other reasons. We still can’t confirm which category the rat falls into, but those watching the video are of the belief that it’s the latter. Either way, a rat sneaking in and stealing cigarettes is not the grossest thing we have seen during a live stream, not by a long shot.

Jagerrmeister’s room got into such a sorry state that he has recently had to resort to cleaning it with a shovel. Meanwhile, another streamer didn’t notice a cockroach crawl across his hands and into his hair. We really wish we were joking when it comes to that last one. It takes sacrifice to become a top streamer, but we’re not sure we’re willing to give up some of the things the above streamers have done in the search for internet fame.

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