Wavetale: Nervous Wreck Quest Walkthrough

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Once you embark on the journey to save the world in Wavetale, you'll go through a lot of areas as you bring the power back to the lighthouse from The Plaza and Sleepy Triplets. The quest will then take you to meet some pirates who won't be easy to get along with.

After defeating the serpent, you'll be able to get into the good books of Little Cassius and he'll ask you to assemble his fleet in the Pirate Power quest. This fleet will take you to Rufus where you'll learn a lot about your mother and what happened to her.

How To Clear The Wreck

Once you talk to Rufus, he'll agree to help you after Peppie gives him a gift. He'll tell you that you need to clean the place up if you want to have a shot at getting the spark reactor. After the dialogue is finished, follow the path behind Rufus until you reach a wooden path on your left.

While there are a lot of gloom clouds in this area, and Rufus asked you to clean the place up, you still don't have to get rid of these to progress the quest. You can simply go over them or around them.

Once you follow the wooden path, there will be a generator at the top with a bucket of sparkling in front of it. Activating the generator will turn on a ring launcher that you can use to launch yourself to floating wooden boards with metallic platforms on their end.

You have to use double jump and hover to get through this part. Each floating structure will have two wooden platforms at different heights. Jump to the platform at the top and then use a double jump and hover over to the next platform. Destroy the gloom clouds if they're blocking your way as well.

Some of these platforms will be swinging constantly, making it harder to jump over to them. You have to wait for the right time before you jump over to them to avoid falling since you'll have to start over if you fall.

After you've jumped through a few of these structures, you'll find a launchpad sitting on a tower. You have to use two launchpads to get to the next structure with a brown generator on top of it. Once the generator is activated, follow the black pipe with blue rings, and it'll take you to a brown switch.

Upon activating this switch, a ring launcher in the middle will get powered, which will lead you to the top of this place. On the top, you'll see a yellow light shining inside a hole in the wall, and that's where you have to go. Defeat all the enemies once you reach the deck of the wreck.

After defeating everyone, you can activate the pressure plate in the middle of the room by using a slam attack on it. Get back to Rufus, and a small cutscene will take you to the next part of this quest.

How To Activate All Generators

During the next dialogue, Rufus will ask you to activate three generators to help him around the place. While your grandmother will be against it, Sigrid will decide that she wants to help the old man anyway.

First Generator

To activate the first generator, head over to the giant structure with a checkpoint on the South mark on your scale at the top. Here, you will find a generator on top of a ship's wreck that will activate an electric bar that you can pull yourself to.

Once again, you have to jump through a bunch of floating platforms until you reach the top where you can hover over to the main switch that you have to activate.

Second Generator

When you head over to the structure for the second generator on your right, it will look quite cool from afar. Go through the wooden path at the bottom of the structure to find the generator for this one. Activating the generator will light up the black pipe with blue rings. Follow this pipe and you'll see an electric rod that will pull you to the top.

Once you're at the top, simply use the launchpads, double jump, and hover mechanic to get to the switch. You can also dash once midair to cover a bit of distance instantly.

Third Generator

As soon as you get to the structure with the third checkpoint, you'll see the generator after jumping on a few small rocks. There will also be a horde of enemies here, but you don't have to defeat them. Simply activate the generator and use the gloom slide to get to the top.

At the top, you just have to jump through one floating structure to reach the switch. You will most likely have to use the dash here since the switch is almost on the same level as the platform you're on.

Once you've activated this switch, a cutscene will begin that will show you the true nature of the paws. Once it's done, you can talk to Rufus and learn more about your mother's past and what she did to try and save the world.

This will finish the Nervous Wreck quest, and you simply have to get to the lighthouse and warn grandma about the paws. When they don't listen to you, Sigrid will decide to follow the ship and get on top of an island on the other side to try and warn the whistlers.

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