We Brought Morbius Back Just To Let It Bomb Again

Sorry Morbheads, the #MorbiusSweep will have to wait. In a turn of events that has likely left Sony executives scratching their heads, Morbius' second outing in theatres has failed to boost its box office takings, despite it being perhaps the most talked-about comic book movie on Twitter right now.

Morbius has made just $85,000 from its second premiere, as it returned to theatres in the US yesterday. This came as the studio seemingly hoped to capitalize on the film's second wave of shitposting – failing to realize that the memes are barely relevant to the movie at this point.

This news comes courtesy of the latest box office figures, reported by Forbes. It suggests that Sony was mistaken in believing that shitposters would flock to theatres to see Jared Leto's take on the Spider-Man villain, which will be available across 1,000 theatres for the rest of the weekend.

Morbius' $85,000 Friday earnings don't stack up well against other films with less hype and a longer run in theatres. A24's phenomenal Everything Everywhere All At Once took home $566,930 yesterday, and Sonic 2 bagged another $1.62 million despite also being available on streaming.

And honestly, that might be the perfect way to round off the Mobius fever of 2022. Speaking as someone who watched it in an empty theatre (there was another couple, but they walked out), joined the Morbius Discord community, and vocally supported Sony's #MomsForMorbius campaign, moviegoers have the right idea. It's not worth the ironic watch. There's no "so bad it's good" factor. Just search Morbius on Twitter, and fill in the blanks yourself.

And don't let Morbheads fool you – Morbius 2 has not been confirmed. As we reported previously, fake Morbius news is being spread across social media, and it's hilarious. These fake stories range from Anya Taylor-Joy being cast as Morbius' sister, Jackie Morbius, to the title for the next movie being Morbius 2: More Bius, More Problems.

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