We’ve found a deal so you can get Pokemon Sword and Shield for less

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield finally arrive on Nintendo Switch this week, with both games scheduled to arrive this Friday, November 15.

While there aren’t any reviews live yet, we can’t wait to explore a whole new region and, of course, catch a whole new generation of Pokemon to battle and trade with friends.

If the hype is too much to resist, we’ve found an epic deal for those of you looking to pre-order via high street retailer GAME –Quidco are offering a huge £15 cashback, meaning you can grab the year’s biggest Nintendo Switch game at launch for just £34.99.

The money-saving website is offering £15 cashback when you pre-order either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, and the deal is easier to take advantage of than catching your first Pokemon:

1) Create a new Quidco account at this link.

2) Head to GAME, and preorder Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield .

3) Earn yourself 3% cashback from GAME, plus a £15 new member bonus from Quidco..

If you’re still not sure, the deal runs until November 30 – so you can wait for reviews before making your mind up.

This deal makes GAME the cheapest place to pre-order – here’s some other prices for comparison:

Amazon – £54.99

Argos – £49.99

CDKeys – £39.99 (Digital Version)

TheGameCollection – £45.95

ShopTo – £42.85

GAME is also offering a great steelbook case for both titles at no extra cost – so not only are you getting the game for less, but you’re getting a collectable for your shelf, too. It’s only available while stocks last, so best order soon!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first wholly new Pokemon games to be released on Nintendo Switch (last year’s “Let’s Go” titles were remakes), and the first new games in the franchise since the divisive Sun and Moon which were released in 2016.

The games take place in the Galar region, inspired by the United Kingdom, and with the jump to the Nintendo Switch, there’s been an impressive leap in graphical fidelity.

Of course, the real stars of the game are the new Pokemon, and there are 94 new types to be found – bringing the total number to a huge 400.

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