What Your Favorite Mario Party Character Says About You

Who doesn’t love a wacky game of Mario Party every once and a while? Grabbing a group of friends to play through some fun and occasionally rage-inducing mini-games is a pastime that gamers have enjoyed for decades now. The most important question when starting up a game isn’t what board to use, but instead, what character do you choose?

There are plenty of classic Mario characters to choose from, and almost everyone has their own favorites that they gravitate toward. Due to that very thing, it’s easy to identify what your favorite character may be saying about who you are as a person. I may not be a psychic, but your Mario Party pick says more than you might think.

10 Mario

If Mario is your go-to character, you must be the kind of person who loves the classics. Change is scary, but picking Mario almost never is. You know what you're going to get when you pick him. Some "Wahooo's" here, and some "Letsa goes!" there.

You are probably the kind of person who often goes back to the consoles you grew up with for a brief blast of nostalgia. Who needs Mario Odyssey when you've got Mario 64 at home? Sure, you may need to wiggle the cartridge to get it to work now, but you swear it's just as good.

9 Luigi

There is a whole world of Luigi players, and they will swear up and down that they pick him because he's endearing, goofy, or because he's the taller brother. We all know the truth, Luigi is picked by people who grew up as a player two.

He's not necessarily the character you wanted to love, but he's the one you grew to value above all the others during his horror-themed adventures. Watching those wiggly legs flail with each jump is something that brought joy to your heart each and every time you saw it.

8 Wario

When anyone picks Wario, you know that they're the life of the party. It's hard to take anything too seriously when you are the portly evil rival to Mario. He may be a little brash, and he may be a little stinky at times, but Wario is always a solid choice.

You enjoy getting into a little bit of mischief, and you really aren't worried about who knows it. Every Wario fan wishes they could hop in on some misadventures and help create some chaos for Mario.

7 Waluigi

Everyone who picks Waluigi knows exactly what they are doing. They need to meme. There aren't many redeeming factors for the character. He's purposefully lanky and awkward. Honestly, it's shocking that he didn't become a bigger meme sooner.

You don't need to bust out a Waluigi, "Wah!" At every chance you get, but you will anyway, and you'll make sure everyone else in the room loves you for it. You have probably edited a few songs to include the classic "Wah" in them, and that is something you should never be ashamed about.

6 Peach

It almost sounds bad to just say that you wanted to play as a girl because it's a bit of a jab at the fact that the always iconic Princess Peach was the only female character you could choose for a while. That said, you want to beat people, and you want to do it while wearing a dress.

It almost feels like you would be gloating each time you would win a mini-game. Yeah, everyone else is properly dressed to compete in a series of action-packed mini-games, but Peach? All she needs is her favorite pink dress to dominate.

5 Daisy

Congratulations! You picked Daisy! Peach was already chosen, huh? On the bright side, you might just be the perfect match for a Luigi player. If you weren't forced into choosing Daisy, it may just be that you feel underutilized characters deserve love.

Main characters are always great, but what about that side character back from the third scene of your favorite show? What's going on in their head? Other people may be out there doing their best to exude main character energy, but you are happy to go by relatively unnoticed.

4 Donkey Kong

Picking Donkey Kong may very well mean that you are ready for things to get bananas, but I would say that it means you love to lift. Why else pick the most buff and physically capable character to grace the Mario party series?

Everyone knows that if Donkey Kong used only a fraction of his primate power, no one else would stand a chance. He could probably chuck Mario right at Bowser, stare Luigi down while intentionally stepping on a red space, and make Toad think twice about where stars are awarded.

3 Yoshi

There used to be old stories about Yoshi secretly being the best character to pick in the various Mario games. Whether true or not, you've always believed the tales and because of that, you'll always select Yoshi before someone else has the chance.

He doesn't run faster, jump higher, or do anything better, but you picked him, so he absolutely does now. Wanting an advantage is never a bad thing, but Yoshi probably won't be the thing that ensures your Mario Party victory.

2 Rosalina

You chose Rosalina and you want everyone in the room to know that Super Mario Galaxy is actually the best Mario game of all time. You may not let a day go by without letting someone in your life know about your love for the classic Wii title.

It is a great game, an incredible one even, but that's an opinion that most people hold. Everyone gets it and agrees, we just don't all need to remind everyone at every chance. Rosalina hasn't even had a major role in a game in over a decade.

1 Birdo

There's only one reason for anyone to select a character like Birdo, you are both quirky and think you aren't like other people out there. Being unique is great, but shouting to the world about your uniqueness seems decidedly average.

Most people have a lot of questions about what Birdo is exactly. You, being the most unique person in the room, scoff, knowing that Birdo is one of the most iconic video game dinosaurs of all time. Most people probably just hope you won't attempt to replicate Birdo's noises.

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