Which Final Fantasy Antagonist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Final Fantasy is one of the longest-lasting series in gaming, the original concept of a fantasy JRPG with lore that spans a variety of titles. The game first hit the shelves in 1987 with Final Fantasy and is still strong today.

But with such profound lore, what are the things that make every single foe in Final Fantasy so similar to you, the player? Of course, there is always one way to make the connection between the fictional characters created for our entertainment, and that is through the Zodiac signs. So let's see which Final Fantasy antagonist you are most similar to.

12 Aries – Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy 6)

Kefka Palazzo is one of Final Fantasy's most intense antagonists. He is the court mage of the Gestahlian Empire, and was the first to try and become a Magitek Knight. After the experiment didn't go as planned and Kefka got his newfound power, you can see how he went from a simple court mage to a power-hungry villain.

His impulsive character and chaotic power hunger make Kefka Palazzo an Aries, so any Aries out there know that you are the antagonist with the best style on our list.

11 Taurus – Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

Sephiroth is probably the series' most famous antagonists, with people who've never player the games being able to recognize him. Sephiroth has two very distinct personalities based on the timeline in the game. For this entry, we're looking at his mannerisms after the Nibelheim Incident. And what better way to describe Sephiroth than being driven by his will to control the world and becoming the ultimate being?

With his strength and perseverance, Sephiroth resembles a Taurus. Both are stubborn and determined to reach their personal goals.

10 Gemini – Ultimecia (Final Fantasy 8)

Final Fantasy 8 tends to pass under the radar because it comes right after Cloud's adventures in 7. But one of the things that many players can remember (other than Squall's majestic gun-sword) is the gambit played by Ultimecia to achieve her goals.

Much like a Gemini, she is adaptable to various situations, and has excellent communication skills. Ultimecia uses her wit and intelligence to reach her goals and is one of the most challenging boss battles.

9 Cancer – Exdeath (Final Fantasy 5)

When embarking upon your adventures with the three Light Warriors, Bartz, Leena, and Galuf, you realize that the Warlock enemy behind the shattering of all the Crystals is the terrifying warlock Exdeath. Exdeath is a mighty entity that has patiently waited 500 years to return to the world and bring about the Void.

His desire to achieve his goal, and the passion he puts into his quest for ultimate power, make Exdeath similar to Cancerians.

8 Leo – Golbez (Final Fantasy 4)

The final boss of Final Fantasy 4 is the extremely powerful Golbez, one of the nicest-looking antagonists in the series. Golbez isn't only an antagonist per se because, in Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, you get to take control of Golbez as he looks to atone for his sins.

A true Leo is one that is so confident that they don't even consider the idea of losing to a bunch of Light Warriors. Golbez is just that; with his regal attitude towards all those around him, you can tell that he would be the jungle king.

7 Virgo – Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy 10)

Few antagonists have a backstory that is as sad as the one Seymour Guado has. He has been bounced around realms to appease the people of Guadosalam, that don't recognize him as their own, even though he is the son of their leader.

Seymour Guado is one of the most calculating and analytical characters in the Final Fantasy series. You can tell from all the steps he takes to become a Maester of Yevon. In true Virgo fashion, he has covered all of his tracks.

6 Libra – Emet-Selch (Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers)

The second MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series showcases a wide cast of antagonists, but we wanted to give some space to one of our favorites straight out of the Shadowbringers DLC. Emet-Selch comes in many forms and is a genuinely patient NPC for most of the game.

His capacity to be charming and charismatic while having rash and impulsive behaviors sometimes make him the most similar to Libra's unpredictable yet balanced life.

5 Scorpio – Ardyn Izunia (Final Fantasy 15)

Ardyn Izunia is one of those characters you might wish weren't all that bad when you first met them. One of those cool, laid back characters that would be a great addition to the team, but this chapter of the series is different.

He is truly vengefulness, with the will to destroy all that is sacred in the world after his throne was usurped by his brother. A true Scorpio would do anything to take back what is theirs, just like Ardyn Izunia does in Final Fantasy 15.

4 Sagittarius – Kuja (Final Fantasy 9)

The game that brought us the black mage Vivi, is also home to the Sagittarius of our list, Kuja. The adventurous and curious Kuja is made so primarily because of his lack of a childhood.

Not having a past, he looks for meaning in his life by discovering the secrets that rule Gaia and Terra, especially the ones his creator tries to hide from him. Also, traveling back and forth between the two worlds does make Kuja a wanderlust soul like a Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn – Garland (Final Fantasy)

The first antagonist to try and take the Crystals for themselves is none other than Garland. The original enemy of the Warriors of Light, he is one of the most ambitious warriors ever to take on the world as a whole.

His determination and ambition are the two main aspects that make Garland a true Capricorn in our books. Plus, he is highly organized in the way he wants to control the world's fate. Those are proper Capricorn vibes.

2 Aquarius – The Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy 3)

There is one thing that Aquariuses are known for, and that is their mysterious demeanor. You can't come and tell us that Aquariuses aren't somewhat enigmatic in their nature. If we had to pick the most enigmatic Final Fantasy antagonist, we would have to settle for the Cloud of Darkness.

The first androgynous being to try and destroy the world in the series, they are the quintessential form of all you Aquarius out there.

1 Pisces – Elidibus (Final Fantasy 14)

One of the central and recurring antagonists in Final Fantasy 14 is Elidibus, the Ascian that seems to be behind the scenes of every single misfortune in all the DLCs you play.

Even though he is compassionate and empathetic, his idea of bringing peace and balance is a bit too unorthodox not to be considered evil by you in 14. These characteristics make him the most Pisces of the Final Fantasy foes.

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