Which Skyrim Follower Should You Recruit Based On Your Zodiac Type?

One of the best open-world games to this date, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has an immersive universe filled to the brim with colorful characters and exciting quests. While the Dragonborn can opt to take their chances against Alduin and other villains on their own, they can also ask someone to tag along.

Whether it’s a member of a faction or guild, a mercenary or just someone the Dragonborn completed a quest for, there’s a massive number of followers to choose from. Although followers can’t exactly punish the Dragonborn for doing nasty deeds, some are more open-minded than others. Let’s find out who matches each zodiac type’s play style.

12 Aries: Njada Stonearm

Njada might come across as very annoying at first when joining the Companions, but she’s a surprisingly great follower to have. She can hold her own, and she has that personality that just clicks really well with an Aries.

Competitive and quick, she’s eager to show off what she can do in a fight, and will have a great dynamic with any similar people who will accept her toughness.

11 Taurus: Argis The Bulwark

Looking for a reliable and strong follower who will never disappoint? Look no further than Argis the Bulwark. Not only is he arguably one of the best-looking men in the game, he’s also very skilled in a fight and has that stoic yet loyal personality that aligns with a Taurus.

Taureans are known for being dependable and strong, which is why Argis is a great friend to take along. Unfortunately, one first needs to become the Thane of Markarth to unlock him.

10 Gemini: Belrand

Fine, Belrand might not be the best-looking man in the game (unless he’s modded), but he has a lot of knowledge about Skyrim and its various locations that can be surprisingly useful when traveling the lands.

Any Gemini will appreciate his stories and ramblings about the lore, as well as his kindness. His knowledge is proof that he’s a curious individual who has studied Skyrim quite a bit.

9 Cancer: Aela The Huntress

No doubt among the most popular followers, Aela is sort of in a category of her own. She’s very proud of her beast blood heritage but not overly so. In fact, once one enters her inner circle, she protects her friends with all that she has and is exceptionally motherly.

This pairs her up well with a Cancer, who will be just as sentimental and emotional as Aela is, deep down underneath a tough exterior.

8 Leo: J’zargo

There’s no one quite as arrogant and self-assured as J’zargo the Khajiit. He believes himself to be the next big thing, and perhaps he is. He’s a talented mage, and a bit competitive as well. In many ways, he dominates every interaction he has with others.

Leos will understand J’zargo’s personality down to the last letter. Fiery and with a taste for drama, they also like to believe they’re the best at what they do.

7 Virgo: Lydia

Lydia comes across as very serious at first, but she’s actually quite loyal and gentle in her own way. She’s like to keep to the point by approaching the situation with a practical and analytical way of thinking, and doesn’t let emotions get the best of her too often.

Virgos are very similar to her personality type, mainly in how they approach problems and how much they care for others. Their loyalty is the best among all zodiac types.

6 Libra: Mjoll The Lioness

Outgoing with a strong sense of justice, if there’s a Libra in Skyrim then it’s definitely Mjoll. She’s shown to have an immense concern for the well-being of her city, Riften, and hopes that justice will be served where it needs to be.

Her diplomatic approach to everything and her pursuit of utmost fairness is what makes her a great partner to any Libras. Together, they’re an unstoppable force against any forms of corruption.

5 Scorpio: Marcurio

Marcurio is a mercenary with one spicy personality. He’s charismatic, outgoing and has words for every situation. Unlike a Leo, however, he’s a bit sassier and more resourceful. He might not be a natural leader, but he has his ways of always coming out on top.

Scorpios are definitely going to appreciate Marcurio’s similar personality. Stubborn and brave, both will make an excellent duo to take on the wilderness of Skyrim.

4 Sagittarius: Cicero

Many often consider Sagittarius to be the jester of all the zodiac types, which is why there’s no question about Cicero being very close to this zodiac sign. He’s a loud entertainer with a love for attention. Some might consider him annoying, others might see the golden heart he has.

A Sagittarius and Cicero will get along smoothly due to their shared sense of humor and optimistic outlook on things.

3 Capricorn: Jenassa

Brooding and dangerous, Jenassa is definitely a more evil character to have as a follower. That being said, she has a serious disciplined flare to herself, which makes her a very efficient and skilled follower to have around.

Capricorns will most appreciate her due to her deadly abilities and determination. She has the advantage of having an open mind with ethics, which allows a Capricorn Dragonborn to pursue their interests without protests.

2 Aquarius: Serana

Slow to trust and somewhat of a loner, Serana comes across as a complainer when first hired as a follower. However, as a pure-blood vampire she offers some insight and depth, which is very similar to how an Aquarius might look at the world.

Both are original and highly uncompromising individuals who know their limits and their boundaries.

1 Pisces: Faendal

Faendal is one of the two men in Riverwood interested in Camilla Valerius. His desire for her shows that he’s an affectionate, very romantic and dreamy individual with a strong idealist and slightly artistic side.

Pisces will get along with Faendal almost immediately, able to comprehend his somewhat childlike wisdom and poetic, empathetic outlook on life.

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