Why I cancelled my PS Plus Premium subscription after just one month

A reader is unimpressed by Sony’s first attempt to add new games to PS Plus Premium and explains why it’s inspired him to get an Xbox Series S.

The PlayStation Plus revamp has not gone well so far, I think that’s pretty obvious to everyone. Sony seems strangely shy about talking about it and while the overall number of games is decent there’s very few PlayStation 1 or 2 or portable titles. This seems to be because the PlayStation 3, 4, and 5 games were much easier to do, as the PlayStation 3 games were already on PS Now and the newer formats already work automatically on PlayStation 5.

That implies everything was rushed, although what Sony were in a hurry for nobody seems able to say. If there was any doubt of how unprepared they were, the first monthly update was announced on Wednesday and it included a grand total of, wait for it… two games. Both of them for the PSP and neither of them anything anyone would ever care about.

Later rumours suggested Sony were planning to add three extra games: one PlayStation 1 game (Dino Crisis) and two more PSP games (Ridge Racer 2 and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny). What happened isn’t clear but whether it was five games or two that’s still terrible, considering only one of them was in any way famous or desirable. So well done Sony, after just one month you’ve already convinced me to cancel my subscription.

I guess next month we can expect to hear that those three missing games will be added and based on June I wouldn’t be surprised if that was it. Before anyone forgets, Premium is, as the name suggests, the most expensive of the three PS Plus tiers and yet Extra, which is just PlayStation 4 and 5 games, got quite a few new games in June. Not all great ones but something that I was satisfied with (you also get Extra with Premium).

Premium though already seems to be a scam, where Sony is just assuming that dedicated fans will sign up for the prestige of it all and the content doesn’t really matter. The sad thing is that, at this rate, we’d be looking at every major retro PlayStation game being available on the service in… 2032? Maybe, if we’re lucky and things don’t slow down even more.

I will keep my eye on PS Plus Premium, so if there’s a sudden influx of games I’d consider subscribing again – I’m not going to be petty about it. But this has not be an impressive launch and I’ll be honest, it’s made me think less of Sony as a result.

They’ve been weird all year, or at least since the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, when they ran out of new games to promote. They didn’t bother having a proper E3 style State of Play and what announcements they have made have been boring blog and Instagram posts, like they almost resent telling us what they’re doing. Or are embarrassed by what they’re saying.

I’m sure they think they’re being all cool and aloof but rather than being arrogant it’s just coming across like they’ve given up and are saying nothing because they’ve got nothing to say. I’m increasingly thinking I’ve backed the wrong horse and will absolutely be looking at getting an Xbox Series S on Black Friday.

I don’t think I’ll sell my PlayStation 5 to get it (or I’d get an Xbox Series X instead) but if the next batch of PlayStation games aren’t properly exciting then I think it might be all up for Sony, at least as far as I’m concerned.

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