Witcher 3: 5 Best Areas On The Velen Map (And 5 Not To Bother With)

When Geralt learns that he will have to travel to Velen to look for Ciri, he’s far from excited. Geralt hates the swamps and war-ravaged villages of Velen that became a no man’s land after the war. But he has no choice and goes there anyway. Velen is a vast place and it takes a while for Geralt to discover whether Ciri is still there or not.

While he’s searching for her, he can travel all around Velen and see more of it. Some of Velen’s places tie to main and secondary quests in The Witcher 3, as well as witcher contracts. But not Velen locations are equals, and some of them are simply better or more significant than others.

10 Best: Crow’s Perch

Crow’s Perch is one of the best and most civilized areas in Velen – which isn’t saying that much, considering the state of Velen. Geralt meets the Bloody Baron there and eventually learns more about what happened to Ciri while she was in Velen. It’s also in Crow’s Perch where Geralt gets to gain the Baron’s rare Gwent card, and he finds a master armorer there. Crow’s Perch has a lot to offer if the player takes the time to discover all of its secrets. Bonus tip – don’t forget to loot all the rooms in the Baron’s castle.

9 Not To Bother With: Byways

Visiting Byways only has a point if the player wants to do every single witcher contract in Velen. Geralt has the chance to kill a vampire hiding underneath the village. But the village itself isn’t that much to look at, and by the time Geralt arrives there to fulfill the contract, the villagers are already mostly dead.

8 Best: Fyke Isle

Fyke Isle is one of the creepiest places in the entire game – but despite that, or maybe because of that, it’s worth visiting. Geralt goes to the isle if he accepts the quest Towerful of Mice the sorceress Keira Metz gave him. Once there, Geralt can see some ghosts, loot the abandoned tower, and deal with a vengeful spirit. And, of course, Fyke Isle is also the place where Geralt decides whether to help Keira survive or not – which will have a significant impact on the later game.

7 Not To Bother With: Devil’s Pit

The Devil’s Pit is a large place but a surprisingly disappointing one, considering the lack of things it has to offer. The place is swarming with deserters from the Temerian Army. Geralt can cut all of them down and loot their bodies. Thanks to the sheer size of the place, they haven’t got the opportunity to swarm Geralt so the fight feels somewhat anti-climatic.

What’s even worse that there are vast caves in the Devil’s Pit but Geralt can’t enter them, unless using special cheats – because unlike other areas in The Witcher 3, this one was never finished.

6 Best: Keira Metz’s Hut

The hut itself isn’t that much to look at – it’s just a small, two-room hut. Geralt can loot some things from the place but by far the most interesting and bizarre one is a recipe for black eyeliner. However, the hut serves as a starting point for several important quests that will not only provide Geralt with useful magical artifacts (such as the Magic Lamp that allows him to see ghosts) but will also allow Geralt to romance Keira, should he choose to do so.

5 Not To Bother With: Halver Isle

Unless the player wants Geralt to explore every single place on the map, there’s not much point in venturing further onto the Halver Isle – stopping at the Border Post will work just as fine. Halver Isle doesn’t tie to any quest, and exists only as a checkpoint between two major areas of the game, Velen, and Novigrad – but it doesn’t have any impact on the actual story of The Witcher 3.

4 Best: Crookback Bog

Crookback Bog isn’t a pleasant place, visually-speaking. It’s deep in the Velen swamps, and Geralt hates being in the swamps longer than absolutely necessary. However, Crookback Bog is one of the most important locations in Velen, story-wise.

Geralt meets the godling Johnny nearby finds the Baron’s missing wife there, and it’s also the place where Geralt helps decide the fate of the Baron and his wife Anna.

3 Not To Bother With: Abandoned Tower

The Abandoned Tower isn’t a part of Geralt’s storyline – it appears when the Bloody Baron talks to Geralt about Ciri and describes how Ciri saved him from a basilisk that flew the Baton on top of the Abandoned Tower. If Geralt wants, he can later visit the tower, but making the climb is rather difficult, and the reward found in two chests isn’t worth it.

2 Best: Reardon Manor

Just like Crookback Bog, the Reardon Manor isn’t much to look at. It mostly consists of empty, and dusty buildings no-one lives in. However, it’s also the place where Geralt gets to meet Letho if the other witcher survived the events of The Witcher 2. If Letho’s dead, Geralt has to fight several wraiths instead. But besides looting the place, the reward (one hundred crowns) is well worth it.

1 Not To Bother With: House Of Respite

The House of Respite causes more trouble than it’s worth. Geralt can only enter it if he’s wearing Nilfgaardian clothes, or the guards won’t let him in. Alternatively, he can try to sneak in, but the effort isn’t worth it. There’s nothing to do in the club, aside from looting several containers. And unlike most inns and clubs in The Witcher 3, Geralt can’t even talk to the innkeeper, let alone play Gwent with him.

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