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Wolfenstein: The New Order has several collectables throughout the game, from enigma codebooks to health upgrades. After all, hiding secrets during levels isn’t just a cool gimmick for Wolfenstein — many would say it’s core to the series. The 1992 game hides ammo, weapons, and whole levels behind near-identical-looking walls.

Fortunately, times have changed and The New Order isn’t so cruel. One of the collectable types that has been tucked away in the dark corners and secret rooms of this game is Nazi gold. In total, there are 50 unique gold items to find throughout your playthrough, and we’ll go through where to find them right here.

Chapter One

Gold Medal

You’ll need to access the bunker with explosives, take down the main blast door and follow the tracks to the end. Behind the buffer stop and crates is a vent, climb through, go into the morgue, and the gold medal will be on the table next to the door.

Gold Goblet

After disabling the second AA gun, head through the now-opened metal door and look under the tarpaulin covering the crates as you enter. Crouch down to find the gold goblet under the left side of the sheet, next to a crate.

Gold Chalice

After scaling the walls and opening the gates, head further into the castle until you reach the two commanders. One of these commanders is in a small dining room/office next to some stairs and a dog. The gold chalice is on the chest of drawers at the back of this room, below the portraits.

Gold Sword

Head to the large circular room with the huge portrait of Deathshead and knight statues. Facing the picture, on the right side of the room is a knight holding a gold sword.

Gold Floorball Trophy

On your way to help Fergus and Wyatt, a dog will jump over some crates to attack you. The crates on the other side of this makeshift barricade are breakable, smash the one closest to the wall to find the gold floorball trophy.

Chapter Two

Gold Hood Ornament

The only gold piece of this chapter is found when you leave the Asylum building. Deal with the enemies in the courtyard, then look at the front of the parked convertible near Anya. The gold hood ornament is beneath the front bumper.

Chapter Three

Gold Watch

Before interrogating the officer, look at the small table next to him to find the gold watch.

Gold Egg

From Anya’s grandparents’ car, head into the compound to find two large buildings on your left connected by a catwalk, in between these two buildings is a dilapidated shed. Go right from the shed door and look between the broken planks in the shed, where you’ll find the gold egg.

Gold Medallion

Once you raise the platform and get back onto the car, you’ll be at the last checkpoint. The gold is inside the first guard tower on the right as you enter. Kill all the enemies first, then grab the turret on the tower and look for the metal panel hidden by a wooden crate on the exterior.

Destroy the crate and panel, then head inside. The gold medallion is on a set of shelves in front of a wooden chair, to the right of the gun cabinets.

Gold Door Knob

Once you’re on the train to Berlin and after you’ve interacted with Frau Engel and Bubi, go past the robot and soldier in the dining car. In the sleeping car corridor, look left to find some linen and towel cabinets. Go to the end cabinet, swinging as the train moves, to find the gold door knob.

Chapter Four

Gold Plate

Once you’ve dropped down the hatch and grabbed the laser cutter, leave the workshop, and investigate the wire mesh closet near the stairs. Cut out a hole in the wire to grab the gold plate.

Gold Frame

Next, go upstairs and recharge the laser cutter. Work your way into the next storage area and look inside the mesh closet to the right of the window, then cut out another hole to grab the gold frame.

Gold Nugget

Later in the mission, you’ll find yourself in the coal loader room of the prison. Head to the ground floor and look in the coal pile being visited by the robot. There’s a gold nugget on the left side of this pile.

Gold Helmet

When escaping with your companion, you’ll come to a narrow corridor with red lights and a yellow stripe across the walls. Several enemies will try to ambush you — kill them and head into the bunk room on the right side of the corridor. The gold helmet is in the open locker at the back of the room.

Chapter Five

Gold Urn

Once you’re at the hideout, you need to get into Caroline’s room, but it’s locked until you find the missing folder. Go upstairs and grab the crowbar from the spare bedroom two doors down from Blazkowicz’s room. Then go into Max’s room and use the crowbar to grab the folder.

Go back downstairs into Caroline’s room and interact with the pin-up poster to remove it. Go through the vent and up the stairs until you reach a makeshift bedroom next to a hole in the wall. On the right side of the hole is the gold urn.

Chapter Six

Gold Statue Plate

After the car bomb goes off, go to the base of the statue, and look behind its right foot to find the gold statue plate.

Gold Carafe

Next, head to the main lobby of the London Nautica. On the right side of the ground floor are a series of glass display cabinets. Smash the middle one open to grab the gold carafe.

Gold Knife

In the same room, head upstairs to the serving tables and go past them into a kitchen storage room. Climb through the hatch in here and head to the end of the vents. The gold knife is on the slanted grating.

Gold Hip Flask

Once you get the LKW, head up the long ladder out of the lab. When you reach the top, turn around to see a metal cover you can remove with the LKW. Open the cover and crawl through the vent, over the lab. You’ll find the gold hip flask above the second window in the vent.

Chapter Seven

Gold Ashtray

During chapter seven, you’ll fall into the sewers after trying to get a circular saw. After destroying two automated turrets and some drones, keep going until you find a large drain with a broken railing in the middle of the room.

Jump through the gap in the railing onto a small platform, then follow the pipe into a small room with stairs. Climb the stairs and you’ll find the gold ashtray on an oil barrel, next to a door blocked by some bags of concrete.

Chapter Eight

Gold Dagger

After speaking to Set Roth, talk to the woman near the dead body chute into the security building. She’ll task you with killing ‘The Knife’ — the sadistic Nazi commander inside the building. After being tortured by him, you’ll later find him washing his hands upstairs.

Kill him, then speak to the woman again to receive the gold dagger.

Gold Pistol

Once you get to the other side of the camp, you’ll find a scaffolded office building. Climb to the top balcony using the scaffolding and head inside. Take the first door on your right into Frau Engel’s office.

Go to her desk and open the top right drawer to find a safe combination, now look straight ahead to find a landscape picture on the wall. Interact with the picture to reveal the safe, and interact with the safe to open it. The gold pistol is inside.

Gold Bust

Head downstairs one floor to a large office room and go to the stairs on the far side of this room. Look downstairs and you’ll see the gold bust on a bookshelf between two armchairs.

Gold Mask

After controlling the robot and fighting your way to a big garage, you’ll be prompted to exit the level by getting in the car. Before you do, move into the garage, look left, and go into the small office. There’s a small desk facing the window in here. Peer into the desk drawer and grab the gold mask.

Chapter Nine

Gold Vase

To get the gold piece here, talk to Anne behind the door of the Archives. She’s missing her ring. Go to the top floor and look inside the toilet cubicle, near the bowl, to find her ring. Give it back to her and she’ll give you the gold vase.

Chapter Ten

Gold Book

After cutting the chain to get through the first sewer gate, look at the left wall as you go around the bend, you’ll see a cavern next to a small pipe. Swim through the cavern into the secret room. On the left side of the room, next to the mattresses, you’ll find the gold book on top of a spool.

Gold Ladle

Adjust the waterwheels so you can manoeuvre through them both. Once you’ve gone through the second wheel, look at the platform on your right side and grab the gold ladle.

Gold Snake

After grabbing the ladle, go through the tunnel behind you that leads into a large room supported by two pillars. Stick to the right wall until you come across another tunnel. Go inside it and swim to the blockage. You’ll find the gold snake in the debris.

Gold Lantern

Leave the tunnel and swim diagonally across the room toward the rubble, to find a lit doorway. Swim inside the small room and find the gold lantern on the floor.

Gold Lunula

After using the two mines to blast your way through the grates, follow the current through the pipe until you can go no further. Climb out with the stairs to your left and open the door ahead to find a ginormous metal grate with a hole in it. Drop down the grate.

Follow the path through the pipe and up the ladder, then go through the door into a storage area full of crates. Walk into the centre of this tiny room and look down to see the gold lunula propped up next to a crate.

Chapter 11

Gold Letter Opener

Leave the torpedo, then make your way through two doors until you reach a junction. To your right are enemies in bunkrooms, and to your left are two locked doors.

Depending on who your companion is from the end of chapter one, you’ll have to lockpick the armoury door then cut through a metal plate into the officer’s bedroom, or hotwire the door to go straight in. Once inside, look on the desk to find the gold letter opener.

Gold Tray

Go back to the corridor with the enemies in their bunkrooms, kill them, and head into the furthest room down on the right. There you’ll find the gold tray on top of the safe.

Gold Skull

Near the end of the chapter, you’ll get to a big circular room where Seth raises a bridge. Go across this bridge into the centre of the vault elevator, turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise and jump into the water. Swim to the edge and you’ll see the gold skull next to the wall, just below the water’s surface.

Gold Robot Toy

Once you activate the elevator, face Seth as you reach the vault. Turn around and look at the shelf in front of you to see the gold robot toy.

Gold Crown

From the gold robot toy, make an about-turn and look on top of the massive gears — next to a puzzle piece, the gold crown is on top of the left gear.

Gold Chamber Pot

Finally, look between the gears and the ‘spindly torque’ contraptions — where you found the crown. The gold chamber pot is on a triangular shelf between the two.

Chapter 12

Gold Army Man

To find the first gold piece of the chapter, enter the sixth train car along — there’s a massive hole ripped into the left side of the carriage, with an AR marksman rifle upstairs, where the roof has been partially torn off.

Continue towards the double-decker train facing you with enemies inside. Kill the Nazis, then head to the left side of the train and climb over it. Now you’re at the edge of the bridge, look under the rubble at the edge to find the gold army man.

Gold Compass

Next, go to the top floor of the double-decker train and open the hatch. Use the black and white girder to climb into the freight car, then cut the mesh fence to get to the other side. Climb the metal crates in front of you, going up to a small ledge. The gold compass is up here on another metal crate.

Gold Rabbit

Continue through the level as normal until you reach the carriage with four chambers — the last one contains a supersoldier. Kill him, then go inside the room he left. The gold rabbit is on the floor in the back left corner. Unfortunately, it isn’t made of chocolate.

Chapter 13

Gold Cane

Once you land on the moon and pass through the security chamber, go to the luggage room via the conveyer belt. After you are inside the baggage checking room, go to the conveyer belt x-ray — the gold cane is to the left of the screen.

Gold Face Mask

Later in the mission, you’ll go through a decontamination chamber into a circular room with a cylinder of white light in the middle of it. As you enter, walk towards the white light — not the metaphorical white light, and look just left of it. You’ll see the gold face mask on a trolley next to a gurney.

Gold Meteor Rock

The next gold piece is outside on the moon’s surface. Put on your spacesuit and follow the path until you encounter the three drones. There are two large boulders below the path, and the gold meteor rock is behind the fully shadowed rock.

Gold Bottle

Near the tail-end of the mission, you’ll end up in a waiting room and must get on the tram. Before you do, go up to the tram door and turn around. There’s a red case on the floor near the opposite wall. Look behind it to find the gold bottle.

Chapter 14

Gold Bangles

When you first get onto the scaffolding, cut the first chain and head down to the next plank held up with chains. Before you cut these, hop across to the nearby ledge. The gold bangles are under the drainpipe.

Gold Football

Carry on beyond the scaffolding until you reach a red-carpet corridor. Take the first right and head into the projector room. As you enter, look at the far wall for the picture frame with no picture inside. Interact with this to reveal a secret room. The gold football is inside, on the top shelf.

Chapter 15

Gold Shoehorn

Go upstairs to Klaus’ room (it’s the first room on the right after the stairs, next to Max’s). The gold shoehorn is to the left of the moose trophy, in front of the bookcase.

Chapter 16

Gold Trowel

After firing the cannon, swim towards the castle entrance via the ladder. Before you climb out, dive under the water, and look to the left of the ladder to find the gold trowel.

Gold Armour

Once you get out of the water, you’ll enter a dungeon with cells on either wall. Go left and head towards the last cell on the left wall. You’ll find the gold armour here, lying on the rubble.

Gold Teapot

Soon, you’ll reach a large, circular room patrolled by some regular guards and two supersoldiers. Once you’ve killed them and pushed the button, head towards the next door, look for a green cart to the right of the door, next to a column. Look inside to find the gold teapot.

Gold Pot

For the last piece, you’ll need to reach the final boss. After defeating the prototype robot containing Fergus’/Wyatt’s brain, you’ll be given your LKW back and must defeat Deathshead.

From the main blast doors where you entered the arena, go to the crates on your left and cut into the middle metal crate to find the gold pot and complete your gold collection.

Instead of grabbing this final piece as soon as you get your LKW back, we recommend completing Deathshead’s first phase so he falls through the floor. Then you can grab the gold pot without any trouble before following him.

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