Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Every Type Of Shield And How To Get Them

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  • Aqua Shield
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a charming platformer full of secrets, adventure, and dangerous enemies. At the beginning of the game, you face the formidable Meko Dragon. Sure, you will win this fight, but it costs you your equipment, body, and health, leaving you with only one heart on your health bar.

This situation presents a significant challenge, as you now have to face wave and wave of enemies with very low health to sustain the damage. But don't worry, as you can increase the amount of damage you can take by equipping shields. There are ten different shields scattered throughout this game's world — the best ones will be expensive and harder to find, and the amount of protection they provide will vary according to your current form.

Ivory Shield

  • Location: Default equipment after becoming Lizard-Man
  • In-Game Description: Basic shield, rustic design

After defeating the Meka Dragon, you will find yourself in the village, transformed into Lizard-Man, with the Ivory shield already in your inventory.

While you can't hold a shield or a sword in this form, you can still enjoy the extra attack or defense points this equipment provides when equipped.

FormExtra Defense Points

Mithril Shield

  • Location: Available in the Village Shop for 32 gold
  • In-Game Description: It makes a nice *cling* sound

As soon as you have enough gold coins, pay a visit to the local shop in the village (the one with a sword emblem on the front). There, you will be able to purchase the Mithril Shield, among other things.

FormExtra Defense Points

Shogun Shield

  • Location: Available at the Jungle Shop for 460 gold
  • In-Game Description: Reliable. Made in Japan

After defeating the Mummy Dragon and unlocking the Mouse-Man form, you will be able to stick to checkered blocks. This unique ability will open up many new areas for you to explore.

One of them is the jungle area, located left of the village. To get there, stick to the blocks on the left side of the village and keep moving forward until you reach even more checkered blocks.

Follow the path to the sign with an arrow pointing left and exit this area through there. You will be in the Jungle area, Now, drop down and open the door to get inside the Jungle Shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

Crystal Shield

  • Location: available in the shop inside the village's windmill for 3140 gold
  • In-Game Description: Crafted out of fancy Red Jasper

This shield is relatively easy to find (if you have the Mouse-Man form unlocked), but it requires a fair amount of gold to get it, so you better start grinding!

Once you have enough gold to purchase the Crystal Shield, get inside the village's windmill and go to the upper floor. Once there, use the Mouse-Man form to stick to the wall on the right and go up. On the next screen, walk towards the door and open it to go inside the shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

Knight Shield

  • Location: Available in the shop to the west of the village for 1140 gold
  • In-Game Description: Fit for feathered creatures

You can get the Knight Shield as soon as you unlock the Mouse-Man form. This one is a less expensive option than the Crystal Shield.

To get inside the shop that sells this shield, walk to the left when you're in the village until you hit a checkered wall, then use Mouse-Man to stick to it and get to the other side where you will see a door. Open it to get inside the shop.

You can also get to this shop by using Hawk-Man; fly over the wall instead of sticking to it with Mouse-Man.

FormExtra Defense Points

Dancing Shield

  • Location: Available in the Desert Pyramid shop for 430 gold
  • In-Game Description: A nice fit for rodents

This shield is another piece of equipment you will only be able to get if you have unlocked the Mouse-Man form.

To get the Dancing Shield, go to the desert and walk to the left until you reach the pyramid. Once there, drop down the first hole to get inside it.

On the next screen, walk left and use the jumping block to get to the next level. Now go left again until you find another set of jumping blocks, use them to stick to the upper floor, and walk back to where you came from, this time walking upside down.

Keep moving forward until you see a door. Open it. You will be now in an area with three doors and a chest, open the chest and then open the door with a little window to go inside the Desert Pyramid Shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

Aqua Shield

  • Location: Available in the Beach shop for 430 gold
  • In-Game Description: Perfect for looking good underwater

The Aqua Shield works best with the Piranha-Man form. To get it, you should head to the beach area and drop down to the ocean. Then, use Piranha-Man's special ability to swim left and up to reach the door behind the wall. Open it to go inside the shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

Master Shield

  • Location: Available for 1980 gold in another shop located at the beach
  • In-Game Description: Furry edges. An acquired taste

The Master Shield is another shield you can purchase while exploring the beach area. To get this one, go to the beach and walk to the right until you see a hut, get inside and then open the door with the little window to enter the shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

Heavenly Shield

  • Location: Available for 3980 gold in one of the village's shops
  • In-Game Description: Lightweight, made of wisps of cloud

This shield is quite expensive, but you will only be able to get it in the endgame after unlocking the Hawk-Man form, so you have plenty of time to get the gold for this one.

To buy the Heavenly Shield, go to the village as Hawk-Man and then fly over the wall on the east. The shop you're looking for will be just below you.

FormExtra Defense Points

Legendary Shield

  • Location: Available in a hidden shop near the Old Castle for 5440 gold
  • In-Game Description: Some fool lost this one in the labyrinth

If you have the gold, this should be the first shield you get as soon as you unlock the Hawk-Eye form. The protection this shield offers is incredible, regardless of the form you're playing as.

To get the Legendary Shield, fly over the wall on the village's east side and then keep moving left until you reach the Old Castle. Once there, jump into the well near the door, and then press up to open the hidden door that leads to the shop.

FormExtra Defense Points

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