World Of Tanks Adds Santa, But He’s Useless

When you think of gritty tank simulators, you probably don’t think of Santa Claus mo-mo-mowing down an enemy front, but that hasn’t stopped World of Tanks from adding him as a new crew member. The only downside is that he is completely useless.

This is part of its Holiday Ops 2023, dubbed Santa’s Helpers, because nothing screams holiday cheer like a bunch of elves working on tanks to keep the war machine moving. As the page reads, “Happy Holiday Ops, Commanders! We’ve recruited your favourite World of Tanks Community Contributors, or CCs, to be Santa’s Helpers!”

Someone took to Reddit to warn away others from buying Santa, saying that he "comes with absolutely nothing". Someone then responded, "OP, your token sacrifice was not in vain. Thank you for sharing wih the community." Judging by the reaction, this year's Christmas event is going down too well with the community, as many lament the lack of advent calendars and skilled crew members.

Santa's also ditched his classic red coat for a bomber jacket and scarf, with the red hat similarly dropped in favour of a green beanie. He still has his signature loaded sack, mind. That's partly because he's not really Santa. Rather, he's "Simon Claws", a suspiciously close lookalike with a suspiciously close name.

And he's not the only one without crew skills – both Santa crew members lack them. However, it's worth keeping in mind that having no crew skills does not equal having no skill perks, so they're not totally useless, just worse than other crewmembers. But if you're itching for someone to sleigh the enemy team in style, Simon Claws has it in abundance.

You can pick him up for five tokens right now, but many are proclaiming that it's not worth the cost and that you'd be better off saving those tokens for something more useful. One commenter even said, "0 skill is literally worse than a crew skin".

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