World of Warcraft: 10 Best Alliance Leaders

With its long history and extensive lore, World of Warcraft has seen the rise and fall of many memorable, highly-influential characters. The Alliance and the coalition of races which make it up have seen leaders of all kinds throughout Azeroth’s history, some undoubtedly better than others.

Before the Alliance existed in its current form there were great leaders who helped create and shape what it would become, and since its formation, great leaders have continued to encourage unity and uphold its strength. These are the very best.

10/10 Arthas Menethil: A Fall From Grace

Though ultimately grim, Arthas's time as a leader was pivotal. Arthas’s arc through his enduring determination to protect his people, to his corruption, and ultimate defeat defines the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Trained by Uther the Lightbringer, Arthas had a bright future ahead of him as a great leader with an unwavering commitment to his people. Though he was able to defeat Mal’Ganis with the cursed runeblade, the corrupting powers of Frostmourne proved too much for him. From a promising Paladin to the most evil being Azeroth had ever known, Arthas’s downfall was one of the most tragic in the history of WoW.

9/10 Terenas Menethil: The Last King Of Lordaeron

Before meeting a violent end at the hands of his son, Arthas, Terenas was a wise ruler who was revered by his people. As the last true king of the kingdom of Lordaron, he helped to found the original Alliance of Lordaeron. He ruled for over fifty years, but even in death, did not abandon his people.

As a victim of Frostmourne, Terenas's soul was imprisoned in the blade. Despite this, he was able to help the Knights of the Ebon Blade to defeat the Lich King. The soul of Terenas held Arthas as he died, reminding him "no king rules forever, my son."

8/10 Archmage Khadgar: Azeroth's Greatest Wizard

As a longtime hero of the Alliance, Khadgar has played a major role in some of the most pivotal moments in Azerothian history. He accompanied Anduin Lothar to Lordaeron after the fall of Stormwind, and later served as an important member on the Council of Six. He also helped to destroy the Dark Portal after leading the expedition into Draenor, and remains one of the most powerful magi in existence.

As a leader, Khadgar has prioritized peace for Azeroth, and has shown that he is willing to work with the Horde towards that end.

7/10 Jaina Proudmoore: Loss And Leadership

As one of the main protagonists in Warcraft lore, Jaina is a formidable mage and the most powerful human sorceress alive. Throughout the expansions, she proves herself as a capable leader of many titles over the years, including Ruler of Theramore, Leader of Kirin Tor, Lord Admiral, and Archmage among others.

After the destruction of Theramore, Jaina is left full of rage and seeking revenge. Luckily, Arthas’s cautionary tale of destruction dissuades Jaina from acting on her violent despair, helping her find closure and lead with renewed perspective.

6/10 Malfurion Stormrage: The Great Druid

Malfurion is responsible for the prominence and mainstreaming of druidism among the kaldorei people. Ten thousand years before the First War, Malfurion led his people to victory in the War of the Ancients—the first conquest of the Burning Legion. This marked the first time one of the Legion's invasions had been successfully halted, and it shaped the events of the world for thousands of years to come.

After the war, Malfurion became a powerful archdruid, and slept for ten thousand years to protect the Emerald Dream.

5/10 Tyrande Whisperwind: The Night Warrior

Alongside Malfurion, Tyrande has been one of the most powerful leaders of the Kaldorei since the fall of Queen Azshara. While Malfurion slept and rebuilt the world after the War of the Ancients, Tyrande protected Kalimdor as General of the Sentinels.

She eventually rescued Malfurion when he became trapped in the Emerald Dream. They were subsequently wed, and lead their people as one.

Tyrande is the high priestess of the goddess Elune and head of the Sisterhood of Elune. She is the current Night Warrior; a living embodiment of Elune's wrath.

4/10 Anduin Lothar: The Lion Of Stormwind

Sir Anduin Lothar is regarded as one of the greatest warriors in human history, and is one of the namesakes of Anduin Llane Wrynn. During the First War, and before the formation of the Alliance, he served as a Knight Champion of the Kingdom of Stormwind. He also acted as regent for Varian until he could take back the throne.

Once the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed, Anduin led their armies as a Supreme Commander in the Second War. He was a valiant leader for the Alliance troops, but fell in combat against Ogrim Doomhammer. A great statue of him stands in the Burning Steppes.

3/10 Turalyon: Priest and High Commander

It’s safe to say that without Turalyon, the Alliance of Lordaeron would not have been formed during the Second War. It was Turalyon, at the time a venerated priest, who brought Prince Varian Wrynn before the Kings and gave a rousing speech inspiring unity as allied forces.

Later on, as a High Commander, Turalyon accompanied forces through the Dark Portal which opened between Azeroth and Draenor, and ultimately helped to destroy it in order to protect Azeroth. His fearless leadership and ultimate sacrifice earned Turalyon a stone statue in The Valley of Heroes.

2/10 Varian Wrynn: The First High King

Crowned King of Stormwind after the Second War, Varian was kidnapped for a time and suffered memory loss. During this time he was enslaved by the Horde and fought as a gladiator in the Crimson Ring. Upon his return and defeat of Onyxia, he regained his identity and re-assumed his place as King.

A fierce and decisive leader, he was the first High King of the Alliance, and led their forces to victory against the Lich King. Varian ultimately died in battle against the Burning Legion, sacrificing himself to ensure the safe escape of the Alliance forces.

1/10 Anduin Wrynn: Commander, King, Diplomat

Anduin is the successor of Varian Wrynn, but in contrast to his father’s temperament, has a gentler and more contemplative demeanor. He advocated for a non-violent resolution to the conflict with the Horde.

After assuming the Stormwind throne, he was forced to reconcile his yearning for peace with the apparent necessity of war. Anduin suffered under control of the Jailer after being made a prisoner in the Maw. Though he was eventually freed from the effects of Domination magic, he was changed by it, and found himself unable to return to Azeroth, afraid that he would not be able to call on the Light as he once did.

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