World Of Warcraft Classic: Complete Guide To Feast Of Winter Veil

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There's a busy fall calendar for special events in World of Warcraft Classic, and just like in real life, there's a lot of travel, food, and glitter involved. It can be hard to sift through all that wrapping paper and get your plans organized, and whether you're a new player or one that's been playing since the days of Vanilla, it's nice to have a guide to navigating this seasonal mess.

The Feast of Winter Veil is one of the oldest holidays in the Azerothian calendar, dating from the first years of the game, and it might have started the whole trend of holidays in MMORPGs. It has all the aesthetic details of the holiday on which its based, including reindeer, evergreen trees, strings of multicolored lights, a big fat person in a red-and-white suit, and unwelcome guests.

The Feast Of Winter Veil in retail World of Warcraft includes virtually all of the same features. The basic quest chain and the related activities are generally the same, but the modern version of the game comes with more accessories, like toys and clothes, along with the related transmog abilities.

The Feast Of Winter Veil

There's a veritable holiday catalog of fun and interesting things that you can only find during the Feast of Winter Veil. All of the usual festive accessories are covered, including festive garb, seasonal sweets, and all things evergreen.

There are also several NPCs that only visit Azeroth at this time of year along with Greatfather Winter. All of the following items, many of which they sell, only last for the duration of Winter Veil.

Holiday Revelers

These are regular common NPC folk that will appear in all of the major cities in Azeroth, with some in the neutral sanctuary cities of Shattrath and Dalaran. You can't miss them in their distinctive Holiday Clothes and Winter Hat, items that are part of the seasonal revelry that you can also obtain.

One of them gives you the quest that leads you to the seasonal quest chain, and if you kiss one, they'll give you some Fresh Holly or Mistletoe.

Smokeywoods Pastures

These are the vendors that appear in major cities selling holiday-related consumables along with recipes, regents, and non-combat trinkets and toys. Some of the items they sell are ingredients in unique Cooking recipes.

Crafting Patterns And Cooking Recipes

Most of the fancy clothing and food items that can be purchased from vendors can also be crafted, as long as your character has the right professional talents. These are rewards for completing the "A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!" quest.




The patterns for Green Winter Clothes and Red Winter Clothes are available from the nearest Smokeywood Pastures vendor. They require a Tailoring level of 250 to make.


The only two items of Winter Clothes that have a green quality level, the Winter Boots and the Gloves of the Greatfather are Leatherworking patterns.


Hot Apple Cider, Gingerbread Cookies, and Egg Nog can be purchased from vendors, but they also sell the recipes for the same things. The Gingerbread Cookies are the easiest to make, starting at Cooking level one, followed by the Egg Nog at level 35, while Hot Apple Cider is only for experts at 325.


The Edge of Winter is a one-handed axe that has a chance to throw a frostbolt every time it hits an enemy. A crafting skill of 190 is needed to learn this recipe.


The Formula: Enchant Weapon – Winter's Might gives any weapon a buff to the wielder's frost spells.


Normally, you have to go to a special location to find snowballs or get them as a quest reward, but the Schematic: Snowmaster 9000 gives an Engineer the power to make any water into snow. It has a one-day cooldown time, however.


Similar to the Enchanting formula, Recipe: Elixir of Frost Power teaches an Alchemist how to make this elixir, which enhances the power of Frost Spells.

Companions, Pets, And Mounts

These are possible drops from the variety of Wrapped Presents beneath the decorated tree in any of your faction's major cities. You can open one a day between December 25 and January 2. All of them are non-combat pets and require a snowball to summon.



Snowman Box

Summons a snowman companion.

Jingling Bell

Summons a reindeer pet. This is different from the holly that turns your mount into a reindeer.

Red Helper Box

Summons a gnome companion in festive red winter garb.

Green Helper Box

Summons a gnome companion wearing festive green winter clothes.

Mechanical Greench

The only seasonal pet that is temporary, this will fade from your inventory in ten days. It summons a robot Greench replica to your side for ten minutes.

Other Seasonal Items




A reward for several quests, and for giving Winter Revelers some love, this is used to give a +20 Spirit buff to friends.


You can find these in a variety of places this time of year, and they can be thrown at other players or used to power certain holiday items.

Preserved and Fresh Holly

Fresh Holly turns your mount into a reindeer, and Preserved Holly does the same thing but lasts longer than seven days.

Red Rider Air Rifle

Available from a gift or a vendor, it's required to finish one of the seasonal Achievements.

Wand Of Holiday Cheer

Only available as a gift under the tree, this fills the target with "holiday cheer." It actually makes them, and everyone nearby, laugh out loud.

Wrapping Paper

This item is available from general Goods vendors all the time, but it's only during Winter Veil are the blue, green, and purple ribboned varieties are available.

Winter Veil Disguise Kit

A handy machine that turns you into a snowman. It's powered by snowballs and needs one for each transformation.

Mistletoe is the only item on this list that has a use other than cosmetic. It grants a Sprit buff, and at this point in WoW, this stat is beneficial to virtually every class and spec.

Holiday Food

These items are sold by General Goods vendors, not the Smokywood Pastures NPCs. Some, but not all, are available as quest rewards or in the presents from under the holiday tree.



Blended Bean Brew

Restores over 400 mana in 15 seconds.

Green Garden Tea

Restores over 1,300 mana in 27 seconds

Candy Cane

Restores more than 60 health in 18 seconds.

Holiday Cheesewheel

Restores over 400 health in 21 seconds.

Graccu's Homemade Meat Pie

Restores almost 900 health in 27 seconds.

Spicy Beefstick

Restores almost 1,400 health in 30 seconds

Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits

A typical alcoholic drink that does not restore mana or health.

Greatfather's Winter Ale

A strong alcoholic drink. Also doesn't restore mana or hit points.

Winter Veil Roast

A gift from Great-father Winter that restores two percent of your health per second for 25 seconds.

Winter Veil Eggnog

Unwrap a gift that restores two percent of your mana for 20 seconds.

Winter Veil Cookie

The only Winter Veil food item that rewards a buff, these restore two percent of your health every second for 24 seconds.

Holiday Chain Quests

There are different kinds of quests that you can do during the Feast of Winter Veil; there's the initial quest chain, which then opens up a selection of daily quests, and then there's the quest to open a present under the tree. Each one of these is available to both Horde and Alliance players and has the same name regardless of the faction.

The Breadcrumb Quests

These are the introductory quests that evolve into daily quests after you finish them the first time. You need to be at least level ten to do them.



Great-father Winter is Here!

Find this quest at any Smokeywood Pastures vendor and visit either Orgrimmar or Ironforge to complete it.

Treats for Great-father Winter

Here's where the Cooking skill comes in handy. Bake some cookies and purchase some Ice Cold Milk and bring them to Great-father Winter.

The Reason for the Season

Starts with either a Tauren or Dwarf NPC depending on the faction, and leads to another NPC in the same city that gives you a book, "The Feast Of Winter Veil."

The Feast of Winter Veil

Travel to either Thunder Bluff or Ironforge to return the book to its owner, Cairne Bloodhoof or Magni Bronzebeard, depending on the faction.

Metzen The Reindeer

If your character is at least level 40, you can do some favors for our friends at Smokeywood Pastures for some special rewards.



Metzen the Reindeer

Start this quest with the Somkeywood Pastures vendor in your faction's capital city. Follow the clues to find Metzen, who is always in one of two places, and free him. Rewards include 200 reputation gain with the Steamwheedle Cartel faction and Preserved Holly.

The Hero of the Day

Bring five Deeprock Salt and five gold coins to power the Holly Preserver Machine, which makes your fresh holly last much longer. This quest only unlocks if you have a Cooking level of 300 or higher.

The Abomidable Greench

This is the quest chain that rewards a random Crafting recipe. They aren't soulbound, so it's possible to trade with other players if you don't get one you can use. They require your character to be at least level 30 to complete.

Waiting for this seasonal boss to respawn? Kill time by gathering Snowballs from the special piles that only appear in the Alterac Mountains during the holiday event.



Stolen Winter Veil Treats

The Winter Veil Treats have gone missing and your job is to find them. A mysterious-looking snowman in the Alterac Mountains can give you a clue.

You're a Mean One…

Slay the Greench and retrieve the missing goodies. Anyone in your party can loot them from the boss, so this is better to do with friends.

A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!

After returning the Stolen Treats, you complete this simple quest by speaking to Great-father Winter. The reward contains a random Crafting recipe that's only available during the Feast of Winter Veil.

The Daily Gift Quests

These are not conventional quests, but you'll see a yellow exclamation point over a gift as if it was a quest you can accept. Click on it and complete the quest by opening the gift. In most cases, the content of these gifts is something unique that can't be purchased, made, or obtained in any other way.

These quests are only available between December 25 and January 2, and you can only choose one per day to open. Make sure to open one of each to complete one of the Achievements.



Carefully Wrapped Present

Available to level characters at least level one. Contains Winter Veil Cookes.

Festive Gift

For 'toons at least level ten, it gives you a Wand of Holiday Cheer.

Gaily Wrapped Present

Only available for level 20 players, this is the gift that contains one of four seasonal pets.

Gently Shaken Gift

Available to level one characters, so everyone. Contains Winter Veil Roast and Winter Veil Eggnog.

Ticking Present

Contains three seasonal items for those level 40 and up – the Mechanical Greench, Preserved Holly, and a chance at one of the holiday crafting recipes.

Where To Find The Winter Hats

The Greench is the only new boss added for the holiday, but he isn't the only monster that needs killing. Several of the regular bosses that would normally challenge you in dungeons and raids now drop an extra bit of rare and wonderful gear, the coveted Winter Hats.

These are only available during the holidays but you can wear them at any time. They can be found in the following locations and are bind-on-pickup, which means you can't sell them on the Auction House.

Red Winter Hat

  • War Master Voone is a miniboss located in Lower Blackrock Spire. This is the ten-player raid in Blackrock Mountain, a massive mountain that straddles the zones of Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge.
  • Cannon Master Willey can be found on the live side of Stratholme, in the Main Gate section. He's the eighth boss in the dungeon and drops a BiS shoulder item for Rogues.
  • Emperor Dagran Thaurissan is the final boss of Blackrock Depths, and he's waiting in his throne room deep in the heart of the mountain. Just getting to him is an adventure. He's also the final boss of a quest chain that rewards casters with a BiS ring.

Green Winter Hat

  • Prince Tortheldrin is the final boss of Dire Maul West and has an interesting role in the ancient history of Azeroth. He has a generous loot table that includes many pre-raid BiS items.
  • Darkmaster Gandling is one of the instructors in the notorious Scholomance, located on the island of Caer Darrow in the Scourge-infested zone of the Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Goraluk Anvilcrack is located in Upper Blackrock Spire, yet another instance in Blackrock Mountain. He's the third boss, and Blacksmiths seek him out for the plans he drops.

The PX-238 Winter Wondervolt Gnome Disguise

Remember way back when you were leveling that Horde character and you had to get to Gnomeregan? Instead of making a very long and dangerous run, you could take the goblin transporter from Booty Bay right into the dungeon. This contraption, which looks very similar, doesn't transport you anywhere but uses certain regents to turn you into a festively-dressed gnome.

In Azeroth, it's not likely elves that are working in Greatfather Winter's toy factory, so this makes more sense in the context of the game. There's also an Achievement that's required for the Merrymaker title which makes this machine more important than just a fun accessory.

The Merrymaker Title

There are a total of 13 meta-Achievements connected to the Feast of Winter Veil, but only 11 of these are required to be rewarded with the Merrymaker title. This title is one of the required Achievements for "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been" which rewards you with the Violet Proto-Drake epic flying mount.



BB King

Pelt the four leaders of the opposing faction using the Red Rider BB gun you got for Winter Veil. This Achievement is not required for the Merrymaker title.

Crashin' & Thrashin'

You'll find the Crashin' Thrashin' Racer in one of the presents under the tree. Win 25 matches against other players for this Achievement. This Achievement is not required for the Merrymaker title.

A Frosty Shake

Use the Winter Beil Disguise Kit to turn yourself into a snowman. Then emote /dance with another player that has also become a snowman.


Complete the daily quest "Bomb Them Again" for the Ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains while your mount is in the shape of a reindeer.

He Knows If You've Been Naughty

This Achievement requires you to open one of the presents under the tree, so you have to wait until Winter Veil morning to complete it.

Holiday Bromance

Use Mistletoe on certain NPCs with "brother" in their title. The objectives are different depending on the faction.

Let It Snow

Throw a Handful of Snowflakes on nine different race and class combinations. Easy to complete in a sanctuary city.

On Metzen!

Complete the quests to find and rescue the kidnapped Metzen.


If you're Alliance, hit Magni Bronzebeard with a snowball. Horde players can take aim at Cairne Bloodhoof.

Simply Abomidable

Complete the Smokeywood Pastures quests. These have different starting points for Horde and Alliance characters.

The Winter Veil Gourmet

Make one of each of the special holiday dishes, Gingerbread Cookies, Egg Nog, and Hot Apple Cider.

'Tis The Season

Eat some of Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake while wearing three different pieces of Winter Clothing.

With A Little Helper From My Friends

Make 50 honorable PvP combat kills while transformed into a Little Helper gnome by the Winter Wondervolt machine.

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