World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Algeth’ar Academy Complete Dungeon Walkthrough

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While some of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's dungeons are integral parts of the main story, others are designed more for thematic purposes. Located in Northern Thaldraszus, the Algeth'ar Academy was once a place where all dragonkind could participate in higher learning. Though it's been closed for many years, Headteacher Doragosa seeks to reopen the esteemed Academy, but must first contend with its current inhabitants.

This guide will provide a complete look at the Algeth'ar Academy dungeon, including how to beat the bosses and trash, the best routing, Mythic Plus tips and tricks, and what loot is available for successful adventurers.

Overgrown Ancient Trash

At the very start of the dungeon, you will take a Wind Gate over to the main part of the island. Here, you will find that the five Dragonflights have congregated for the reopening of the school. Your first priority is to talk to one of the five Recruiter NPCs. They will provide you with a permanent buff, the type of which changes depending on which Flight they belong to.



Black Dragonflight Recruiter

5 Percent Critical Strike

Blue Dragonflight Recruiter

Flat Mastery (varies between spec)

Bronze Dragonflight Recruiter

5 Percent Haste

Green Dragonflight Recruiter

10 Percent increased Healing received

Red Dragonflight Recruiter

5 Percent Versatility

Pick whichever buff suits your class the best, the Green being especially good if you are Tanking, and proceed towards the right-hand stairs.

Once up the stairs, you will find a garden filled with large packs of plants and patrolling dragonflies. With proper coordination, you can make up a large amount of time here, by doing one or two huge pulls. Most of the enemies are low damaging or have avoidable abilities, so if your Tank can successfully hold or kite them around, you can rack up a high trash percentage in a short space of time.





Vile Lasher x3

Detonation Seeds

Spawns multiple large green swirlies that deal huge damage and disorient players hit for six seconds.

Your priority is to dodge this at all costs. The Vile Lashers cannot be crowd-controlled or interrupted, so this cast will always go off.

Aggravated Skitterfly x6


Self-cast that provides a stack of Enrage, increasing their damage by 50 percent. Can stack multiple times.

The Enrage buff can either be soothed or purged, but the Skitterflies are stunnable, so try to stop them from getting the cast off in the first place.

Darting Sting

Jump to and sting an enemy, dealing moderate Nature damage.

The most dangerous part of these packs, the Sting target can be struck by multiple Flies, and on high Mythic Plus keys, this can easily insta-kill you. Try to keep the Flies in place using crowd control and focus them down.

Hungry Lasher x24



All these Lashers do is auto-attack, so they can effectively be ignored and cleaved down with the rest of the enemies.

Overgrown Ancient

Once you have killed every lasher in the room, and after a short NPC dialogue, the Overgrown Ancient boss will become targetable.

Despite being listed third in the Adventure Guide, most groups will tackle this big tree first, as he is considered the most difficult boss of the dungeon, and using a cooldown such as Heroism/Bloodlust is typically recommended. His fight can be quite hectic and requires not just decent mechanical awareness but also high AoE damage and healing from your group.





Spawns three brown swirlies underneath players, that erupt after a few seconds, dealing Nature damage and spawning a Dormant Lasher.

Try to remain as stacked as possible, in order to effectively be able to burst down the Dormant Lashers.

Burst Forth

Causes all Dormant Lashers to turn into Hungry Lashers, and inflicts AoE Nature damage to all players.

This is the most dangerous part, as the lashers inflict a stacking poison DoT onto the Tank, so try to crowd control and kill them quickly, or else make sure to dispell the DoT.

Branch Out

Causes an Ancient Branch to spawn at a player's location, amidst a large area of effect damage zone.

Dodge the large brown swirlie.

Ancient Branch

Healing Touch

Attempts to heal an Ally for a large amount.

Nuke down the Ancient Branch while keeping it interrupted.


Upon death, creates a green cloud around itself, that explodes after a few seconds, healing all players and enemies and removing any stacks of Splinterbark.

It is imperative that you stack inside the Abundance cast to remove Splinterbark, so try to time the Branch's death to desync from the Germinate cast.


Upon spawning an Ancient Branch, inflicts a permanent Bleed effect onto all players, which can stack.

Anything that can remove Bleeds is great here, as it means you can avoid having to stack inside Abundance.


Large Tank hit, that leaves a Physical damage taken increase effect.

Use mitigation, especially if there are Hungry Lashers up.

Crawth Trash

After defeating the Overgrown Ancient, proceed Northwards, and take the Wind Gate over to the floating platform. Here you will only find one enemy, and the path to Crawth has relatively little trash in general. Once you have killed the Guardian Sentry, take the next North Wind Gate to Crawth's platform.





Guardian Sentry x1

Deadly Winds

Creates a swirling tornado at a nearby location that randomly moves around, stunning players hit and dealing large damage.

Try to bait the tornados away from the Sentry, as he can take a while to die, and you will have multiple up.

Storm Slash

Nature damage Tank buster.

Use a defensive to mitigate the damage.

Expel Intruders

Creates a large area of wind, that will inflict a huge knockback effect and deal high damage upon casting.

You can either run fully out of the area, or hide behind one of the pillars, in order to avoid taking the effects.

Alpha Eagle x3


Frontal wind ability that does damage and knocks back.

Sidestep Gust.

Dive Bomb

The enemy will spawn in a small area of wind.

Easy enough to dodge.

Call of the Flock

A long cast that increases the attack speed of all nearby Eagles.

Make sure to interrupt this, as the Eagles can go from being extremely easy to deadly in a matter of seconds.

Territorial Eagle x13


Stacking bleed effect.

Normally the Eagles should die quickly enough before this becomes an issue. If not, kite them around the platform.

Dive Bomb

The enemy will spawn in a small area of wind.

Dodge the blue swirlies.


A seemingly easy encounter, Crawth can quickly become one of the most irritating bosses in the Algeth'ar Academy, and you will benefit from ending this encounter as quickly as possible. The main mechanic is centered around scoring three goals on either of the goals on the sides of the platform.

To score a goal, run over one of the spawned balls, and then move into one of the goal areas. You will then be prompted to use an extra action button, Play Ball!, and this will toss the ball away, scoring one goal. The goals will spawn at 75 percent and 45 percent of the boss' health, and each goal can only be used once.

To spawn Crawth, you must first score three times in either goal. The goal you choose does not matter at this stage.




Goal of the Searing Blaze

Upon scoring three goals in the East goal, Crawth will become stunned for 12 seconds, and take 75 percent increased damage for the duration.

The best time to use damage cooldowns, as Crawth takes massively increased damage.

A Firestorm will then become active for the remainder of the fight.

Firestorm will deal massive damage to you but is easy to dodge unless Gale Force is currently active.

Goal of the Rushing Winds

Upon scoring three goals in the West goal, tornados will begin to spawn on the platform, and Gale Force will constantly push all players around for the remainder of the flight.

On the edges of the arena spawn some grey motes that can be picked up for a large Haste buff and immunity to Gale Force for 20 seconds.

Deafening Screech

Inflicts large Nature damage to all players and causes damage to erupt around them in a small area.

Stay loosely spread to avoid clipping each other with the AoE.

Sonic Vulnerability

Increases all players damage taken from Deafening Screech by 50 percent, stacking up.

This is dispelled upon scoring in either of the goals, so if the fight goes long, you can delay scoring your second goal in order to cleanse more stacks

Overpowering Gust

Frontal gust attack that does massive damage and knocks back.

Fairly easy to sidestep, but be careful when the winds are blowing, so try to stay close to the boss.

Savage Peck

Tank buster, that leaves a 10-second bleed.

Use active mitigation to lessen the damage.

Groups will typically score in the Fire goal first, in order to burst down the boss. The longer that fight goes on, the more damage Crawth will wrack up, and the more tornados will spawn, meaning you want to try to limit the amount of time you spend fighting against the winds by scoring in the Wind goal second.

Vexamus Trash

While you can technically begin the dungeon with this trash section, you will typically come from Crawth, and so will end up clearing your way back to the start. Take the Western Wind Gate from the Guardian Sentry platform to reach Vexamus' section.





Corrupted Manafiend x14

Mana Void​​​​​​​

A small Arcane dot on a player that explodes for AoE damage and drains mana from nearby players.

Not especially notable if it is allowed to go off, but it is the priority interrupt on this enemy.


Single target ranged cast.

Save your interrupt for Mana Void instead, as Surge only does mediocre damage.

Spellbound Battleaxe x7

Severing Slash

Inflicts Physical damage to its target and a six-second Bleed.

The Bleed can be quite nasty, so make sure you have an appropriate defensive cooldown to survive.

Spellbound Scepter x4

Mystic Blast

Large AoE arcane blast to all players.

Interrupt Mystic Blast at all costs, this hits very hard on Fortified weeks, and should not be allowed to go off.

Arcane Rain

Channels Arcane Missiles at player locations for three seconds.

Arcane Rain is fine to let through, as the projectiles are dodgeable, albeit a bit difficult to see, due to their muted color.

Arcane Ravager x2

Vicious Ambush​​​​​​​

Targets a player, before leaping to their location and immediately performing Riftbreath.

Most dangerous enemy of this section, the leap can be prevented using abilities such as Feign Death or Vanish​​​​​​​.


Fires a high damage frontal Arcane beam; very deadly if you happen to be caught by it.

Once the Ravager has jumped, watch what direction the Riftbreath is faced in. The mob will not turn during the cast so position yourself beforehand.

Arcane Forager x4

Vicious Lunge

Low damage replica of Vicious Ambush.

A low priority enemy, nothing special.

Unruly Textbook x4

Monotonous Lecture

Channels a lengthy Sleep effect onto the target player.

Kick this cast immediately. You do not want to be slept whilst Arcane Rains and Riftbreaths are going off around you.


Despite being first in the Adventure Guide, most groups will tackle Vexamus as the third boss. He has some high impact abilities, but is a relatively simple fight, provided everyone spaces out well and is proactive about soaking the Arcane Orbs.




Arcane Orbs

Five orbs will spawn periodically at the edges of the room, and slowly move towards Vexamus. Absorbing an Orb applies Oversurge to the player, increasing damage taken by Arcane Orbs by 200 percent for 20 seconds.

Five orbs means one for each player, but your Healer can dispell the debuff, meaning ranged players can soak multiple and leaving the melee to continue damaging the boss. Soaking them quickly is handy to prevent overlaps with other mechanics, and avoid letting them reach Vexamus at all costs.

Arcane Fissure

At 100 energy, Vexamus explodes, dealing damage to all players, pushing them back, and causing multiple fissures to erupt at their location.

Important to stay on the move, as the fissures explode quite rapidly after spawning, but they will only follow you for around three to four seconds.

Mana Bombs

Up to three players are targeted with a bomb, which leaves behind a pool of Corrupted Mana when it explodes.

Try to position yourself at the edge of the room with the bomb, to prevent leaving pools in the way of soaking an Arcane Orb.

Arcane Expulsion

Frontal beam of Arcane damage that targets and follows the highest aggro player.

Make sure to not turn Vexamus during this cast, and if there is an Arcane Orb coming in from that direction, let the Tank soak it.

Doragosa Trash

After defeating Vexamus and clearing the pathway back to the start, you will head up back to the Overgrown Ancient's area, before taking a right turn and heading up another flight of stairs. The following enemies can be tricky if you pull too many, but with coordination you can also make up a good amount of time here, as many of their abilities are avoidable.





Algeth'ar Echoknight x7

Astral Whirlwind

A long channel that deals hefty damage to surrounding enemies.

Either move out of range, or use hard crowd-control to knock them out of this cast.

Spectral Invoker x6

Astral Bomb

Imbues a random player with a bomb, that detonates after three seconds, dealing large damage to anything caught in the radius.

You can use this bomb to damage the enemies, which can significantly speed up this section, so try to keep an Invoker alive throughout these trash pulls.

Arcane Missiles

A channeled spell onto the current target, dealing moderate Arcane damage.

Make sure to interrupt this, as they will not do much auto-attack damage in comparison.

Ethereal Restorer x2

Celestial Shield

Places a shield upon an ally, absorbing damage and increasing their spell haste by 50 percent.

This cannot be interrupted, and will be cast at low health, so either DPS through it or Purge it from the enemies.

Echo Of Doragosa

Found in the last room of the Dungeon, this spectral memory is a deceptive fight that becomes harder the longer it goes on. Making good use of the room, and avoiding any unnecessary mechanics, will help you greatly in finishing off the dungeon.




Overwhelming Power

Every one of Doragosa's abilities will apply a stack, giving you five percent increase damage per stack. At three stacks, you will consume them to spawn an Arcane Rift at your location, which occasionally spits out Uncontrolled Energy.

The key to this fight is managing your stacks, keeping one or two for the extra damage will make it go a lot faster. If you are going to spawn an Arcane Rift, try to position it at the edges of room, as the Uncontrolled Energy orbs will become increasingly harder to avoid.

Astral Breath

A frontal beam dealing high Spellfrost damage.

Dodge at all costs.

Energy Bomb

Afflicts a player with a delayed explosion, dealing Arcane damage around them.

Make sure you are not next to any other player when this explodes.

Power Vacuum

Sucks all players to her, and begins a long explosion cast, that deals huge Arcane damage to any player remaining inside.

This is the time to use any movement abilities, as you do not want to remain inside the explosion

Arcane Missiles

Targets a random player with a burst of Arcane damage.

Not much can be done about this. Its main function is to apply Overwhelming Power stacks

Algeth'ar Academy Loot

Overgrown Ancient




Algeth'ar Hedgecleaver

Strength Two-Handed Axe

Versatility, Mastery

Mystakria's Harvester


Crit, Versatility

Potion-Stained Cloak


Haste, Versatility

Frenzyroot Cuffs

Leather Wrists

Haste, Mastery

Experimental Safety Gloves

Cloth Hands

Crit, Versatility

Boots of Explosive Growth

Mail Feet

Crit, Haste





Obsidian Goaltending Spire

Agility Staff

Crit, Versatility

Bronze Challenger's Robe

Cloth Chest

Crit, Mastery

Ruby Contestant's Gloves

Leather Hands

Versatility, Mastery

Azure Belt of Competition

Mail Waist

Versatility, mastery

Dragon Games Equipment

Strength Trinket

Fires three balls at your enemy, dealing Physical damage (two-minute cooldown).

Emerald Coach's Whistle

Intellect Trinket

Select a target friendly player to coach, give both of you a chance to gain Mastery.





Spellbane Cutlass

Strength One-Handed Sword

Haste, Versatility

Spellboon Saber

Intellect One-Handed Sword

Haste, Mastery

Vexamus' Expulsion Rod


Crit, Haste

Paltinum Star Band


Crit, Mastery

Echo of Doragosa




Final Grade

Intellect Staff

Haste, Mastery

Organized Pontificator's Mask

Cloth Head

Crit, Haste

Scaled Commencement Spaulders

Mail Shoulders

Crit, Mastery

Breastplate of Proven Knowledge

Plate Chest

Crit, Versatility

Venerated Professor's Greaves

Plate Legs

Crit, Versatility

Algeth'ar Puzzle Box

Srength/Agility Trinket

Grants a high amount of Mastery (three-minute cooldown).

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