World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – All Dungeons, Ranked

A World of Warcraft expansion wouldn’t be complete without its new dungeons, and World of Warcraft Dragonflight certainly delivers with those it added. With eight new dungeons total, each is distinctly unique in many ways, mainly through its boss fights and aesthetics.

While this article aims to rank all eight of the dungeons added in Dragonflight, this is no easy task, considering how wonderful they all are at present. Even so, a few key factors will be brought forward to rank them: how much trash there is in the dungeon, how annoying the trash is, how interesting the boss fights are, and the overall epic feel created through aesthetic and lore significance. Also, if you’re just returning to the game, check out these tips for returning players.

8/8 Brackenhide Hollow

As cool as it is to have a dungeon whose central themes are Gnolls and decay-magic, Brackenhide Hollow takes the eighth spot on this list. While the boss fights are fun, you don’t see much else other than Gnolls and decayed aesthetics, which can become tiresome after multiple runs.

But, the biggest reason this dungeon is last is because of the extremely high amount of trash in it, coupled with how annoying said trash can be (the area-of-effect fears from the big Warscourge adds are the worst).

7/8 Neltharus

Although Neltharus is another case of seeing the same aesthetic throughout the entire dungeon, it does have a little bit less trash than Brackenhide Hollow, and the bosses are fun but not too much better than it.

It also seems a bit more important lore-wise, as we’re dealing with one of dragonkind’s most ancient enemies, the Djaradin. Most of all, the lava theme is simply more pleasing to look at than one of decay.

6/8 Halls Of Infusion

What’s better than an underground, run-over, lost-to-time Titan facility? One that has corrupted titan defenses, giant frogs, and big, scary water and ice elementals. While the aesthetic of the dungeon generally remains similar through and through, the enemies within it are varied enough to make it less apparent.

While the first two bosses are slightly lacking, the last two are super fun, and the gauntlet run on the bridge preceding the last boss is intense. Also, this dungeon plays an integral role in the main story of Dragonflight, increasing the stakes quite a bit.

5/8 Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Uldaman has the most bosses of all the dungeons, coming out to five, and all of them are a blast to fight. While they’re not much more interesting than the bosses of the preceding dungeons, those in Uldaman vary in theme greatly, from three dwarven Vikings on a floating boat to a Titan defense system to an Infinite dragon.

It’s a roller coaster, but there is a hefty amount of trash and, at the end of the day, it still is a remake of an old dungeon. That said, it is nonetheless extremely important to the story of Dragonflight, putting it on equal footing as Halls of Infusion in that regard, and frankly, fighting an Infinite dragon is always an epic time.

4/8 Ruby Life Pools

Ruby Life Pools only has three bosses, the smallest number of bosses of any dungeon in Dragonflight, but it makes up for this with its significant lack of trash. There really aren’t that many adds to deal with at all, making this dungeon short and sweet.

Furthermore, while the first two bosses aren’t necessarily the best in the game, the last one is truly a hectic fight as you face off against the primalist, proto-dragon tag team. There’s fire, there’s wind, there’s a cliff, and you’re on the edge of your seat (and the cliff, duh) for the whole fight. And the cherry on top is that this dungeon plays a significant part in the overall story of Dragonflight.

3/8 Algeth’ar Academy

Algeth’ar Academy is the borderline meme dungeon of the group, but seeing that it is quite self-aware of this fact, it only makes it better. Essentially the Hogwarts of World of Warcraft, this dungeon is a treat to go through with varying aesthetics, from Arcane monstrosities to giant Treants to giant birds to giant dragons.

Most of the bosses are fine here, but the Crawth fight is a blast with its unique Lish Llrath (Talon Toss) mechanic, not to mention how beautiful the arena itself is. True, there is a lack of danger and importance in the lore due to the light-hearted nature of this dungeon, but that very lighthearted nature is what makes it so much fun (along with everything else listed here, of course).

2/8 The Azure Vault

The story of Sindragosa is a tragic one, and The Azure Vault, among other things, tells the (almost) equally tragic story of one of her children. This dungeon is exquisite in terms of aesthetic, for even though it's relatively the same throughout, the arcane magic and Blue Dragonflight theme is one of the more pleasing and mesmerizing visuals World of Warcraft has to offer.

All the bosses are good fun, even though none of them have a super unique mechanic, as they all have something interesting going on to keep you on your toes. Most of all, however, Sindragosa’s performance in this dungeon gives it +1,000 all by herself. Even if you know nothing about her, between her voice lines, her delivery of them, and the absolute distress of her child, Umbrelskul (the final boss), the tragic nature of Azure Vaults is conveyed effortlessly.

1/8 The Nokhud Offensive

The best dungeon in Dragonflight is undoubtedly The Nokhud Offensive. The Maruuk Centaur evoking extreme nostalgia aside, seeing that the dungeon is the entire map of Ohn’ahran Plains is incredible, let alone the fact that you can Dragonride from boss to boss too.

Those two things alone would rank The Nokhud Offensive highly, but it also has some amazing boss fights, three out of four of them being absolute visual, epic bangers. The aesthetic of Ohn’ahran Plains is magnificent, and the varying aesthetic of the bosses and their corresponding areas — from an earth proto-dragon, to a massive wind and lightning elemental, to centaur spirits and necromancy, to more centaurs wielding lightning – is a feast for the eyes.

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