World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – How To Get Bloody Tokens

Player-versus-player content has been in an interesting spot for the past few expansions of World of Warcraft. This is particularly true regarding open-world PvP, enabled through the War Mode feature. The ability to opt-in or out of open-world PvP is nice and all, but there needs to be sufficient incentive to opt into it, otherwise War Mode will barely be used.

With the former in mind, Dragonflight has added some very nice incentives to join War Mode, a system from way back in the Timeless Isle of the Mists of Pandaria expansion: then they were Bloody Coins, but now they are Bloody Tokens. So, let’s get into the ways you can earn this currency and what you can spend it on.

How To Acquire Bloody Tokens

In simple terms, there are three chief ways to acquire Bloody Tokens:

  1. Kill hostile players in open-world PvP.
  2. Complete War Mode exclusive world quests.
  3. Loot War Supply Crates from Air Drop events.

When it comes to killing hostile players, killing those of your own faction in free-for-all zones will also net you some Bloody Tokens. But, each individual kill won’t get you more than one or two tokens, so while you can farm them out this way endlessly, it will take a while to reap your desired rewards. Other methods are recommended over this.

War Mode World Quests

A couple of World Quests will be active every day that can reward you with upwards of 300 Blood Tokens upon completion. However, bear in mind two things:

  1. In order to see these World Quests, War Mode must be turned on. Otherwise, you will not have access to them (or any means of getting Bloody Tokens at all).
  2. While all the PvP World Quests reward Bloody Tokens, they don’t all reward the same number. As a baseline, each one gives 50-100 tokens, but sometimes, the main reward will be an extra 300 tokens. Other times, the main reward will be either a piece of War Mode PvP gear or a chunk of reputation for a specific faction.

Also, chances are you’ll be fighting a bunch of other players at the location of the World Quest anyway (since most, if not all, of these quests occur in free-for-all areas), so you’ll get a small sum of Bloody Tokens from defeating them too.

War Supply Crates

The War Supply Crates appear during Air Drop events, which occur every so often across the Dragon Isles. A zone-wide announcement will be made by a Dracthyr, and then a plane will fly across the zone at a specific trajectory. At some point in its flight, it will drop the War Supply Crate, and looting it will get you a few hundred Bloody Tokens (among other rewards).

When the Air Drop event announcement is made, if you open up your map, you’ll see a gray dot with wings flying across the zone you’re in (as shown in the image above). That’s the plane, and once it drops the crate, it will no longer show up on the map.

Only one faction can claim the crate, so if the Horde opens it up, Alliance players cannot loot it (and vice versa).

Where To Spend Bloody Tokens

You can spend your Bloody Tokens at Fieldmaster Emberath, a vendor in Valdrakken. When it comes to gear, he does sell armor and weapons, but not rings, trinkets, or necklaces. This gear is item level 366, but upgrades to 408 in Arenas and Battlegrounds and provides a sweet set bonus.

This gear does not upgrade in item level in the open world, even if you have War Mode on.

Emberath also sells some consumables and a toy, which you can pick up as well. Either way, even if this gear isn’t an upgrade for you, it’s still a set you can consider purchasing for transmogrification or completionist reasons.

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